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Psychological Article: Co-dependency Can Be Dangerous

Co-dependency has become quite common in present day relationships. If you consider the webmasters definition of the word or refer to any expert from psychological articles, you shall find it as follows: one needing another in a relationship which is highly addictive. From the very early on, co-dependency has been one of the roots of many personal and professional relationships. For instance, there is co-dependency between farmers and the sellers and factory owners and workers. These types of co-dependencies have been duly accepted and considered normal and healthy. But when co-dependencies show up in personal relationships between life companions or friends, then the relationship comes under scrutiny and becomes a question of psychological ill health.
The reason codependency can become the root cause of many subsequent problems is due to the addictive nature of a co-dependent relationship. When two or more individuals are in a codependent relationship, the members tend to lean on each other and sometimes, this dependency crosses way over the line. According to psychological articles, it is in these situations that codependent relationships start to become more fragile.
For instance, Psychological articles tell us that in the situation when one of the members in the co-dependent relationship is occupied with some other work and cannot cater to the wants or desires of the other partner, the relationship starts to be strained. The other partner realizes that his wants and desires have less importance, meaning, or value for the other and thus starts to feel unwanted. Co-dependency tends to make the bonding in the relationship susceptible to rupture during this stressful situation.
Co-dependency has been seen to be the base of many different relationships in the world today. Especially those relationships in which a woman has to tolerate a lot of stress as well as difficulties, because of the woman is dependent on the male partner as she prefers not to live alone, can not afford to raise her children alone, or the culture she lives in frowns on single women. Thus the woman will go through a lot of trauma and sorrow due to the codependent relationship. Another important way in which codependency in the relationship can prove to be dangerous is because it can bring a high level of insecurity in the relationship. It is a normal tendency of the human mind to think about losing out on anything which is dear to it and of which they are in possession. This is why co dependent partners tend to become insecure about losing each other. Psychological articles tell us that this insecurity becomes a innate part of their relationship and makes them think and worry about various psychological fears and tensions; causing co-dependency to be a dangerous factor is a relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get pregnant if I have no cervix or uterus but have ovaries and fallopian tubes?
    I am pretty sure I cannot get pregnant but is there a possibility I can when i had my partial hysterectomy I was not explained to what can and will happen or what was even going to be removed as it was a emergency hysterectomy cause i had fibroids and one ruptured and I bled out.Any advice except rude remarks and comments will be viewed
    I currently have a friend that is going to get pregnant for us with her boyfriend and then we will adopt. we adopted our son already 6yrs ago the day he was born. we were truly blessed with him. his mother drank thru the pregnancy and we are lucky that he is ok so far. hes handsome and very intellegent.We did a private direct placement adoption which is where we ordered the forms from the government and filled them out ourselves no lawyer needed. it was amazingly fast.Thank you for your answers I figured as much just thought i would ask. my husband is fixed and invitro and surrogacy is very expensive.

    • ANSWER:

    ***Is there a chance of Fibroids at 23?
    Last year I had an abortion. Not only was it a very difficult time but since then I started to get very bad pains in my right ovary. I was admitted into hospital last year with an apparent ruptured ovary although the doctor never did any further examination just gave me pain killers with morphine and sent me home. It continued on and off after that and now my symptoms are as below:

    pain in abdomen particulary right side
    pain during periods
    pain now continues into the thigh/leg sometimes
    always need to urinate
    problems passing urine

    Now ive got an ultasound coming up but its not till another 4 weeks so in the mean time im trying to get as much information as I can.

    Any ideas guys what it can be? I know its highly unlikely to be ovarian cancer at 23 so I’m wondering if its fibroids?

    Thanks for the replies!

    • ANSWER:

    I am 11 weeks pregnant and I have lost 26 lbs, should I be worried?
    I have a few other issues, including sciatica, fibroids, and a few weeks ago a ruptured cyst. I am always nauseaus and barely sleep. I have been in the ER for dehydration twice so far, but I try to remain positive. I want things to work out, but with all these issues early I am very concerned. The doctor I went to told me quote ” If you chose not to deal with the pain, my only suggestion is to terminate.” I was also told by the same doctor if, I do not accept his diagnosis I can go elsewhere. I switched doctors going off a reference from a friend but that doctor was not available so the doctor I was able to see told me “it was your choice to sleep with the man and get pregnant.” I am looking into some more care presently, I just thought I would ask to see if anyone thinks my concerns are valid.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely, you have every right to be concerned! Not only is it unprofessional of the doctor to say such a thing, it’s downright rude! I find any doctor willing to be so callous about “terminating” a pregnancy to be in violation of the hypocratic oath. I think you need to find a good perinatologist and have them help you through what is obviously going to be a rough pregnancy for you. A Perinatologist (Maternal-fetal specialist) has training to deal with pregnant women with special cases like yours. Most are very professional and can help you with pain management as well as the medical aspect of your pregnancy. Seriously dump these doctors that you have been seeing. Make sure you get plenty of rest and hydration. Take care of yourself. You may have a rough 9 months in front of you, but it’s well worth it! Congratulations!

    My Dr. found 4 large fibroid tumors on my Uterus…Hysterectomy?
    I went in for an ultrasound, because I had severe stomach bloating, pain and cramps, and they found that I had a cyst on my ovary that ruptured. Well during my ultrasound, they found 4 large fibroids on my uterus (an inch or bigger in size each). The biggest one leans right on my bladder, which explains why I urinate so frequently, and also explains why I have such horrible menstrual bleeding with clots etc… I guess my question is, should I opt for a partial hysterectomy? I am 33 years old and I have 2 children (and am not wanting any more). Can anyone tell me if they have been in similiar situations, and what they did. If you had a partial hysterectomy, was it vaginally or thru an incision, and how long to recover? I run a daycare out of my home, and do not want to be off work too long! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I had one the approximate size of a cueball, like on a pool table (about 2 1/4 inches), and another smaller one. The large fibroid pressed on my bladder, too, and gave me pretty bad periods. My doctor had a wait-and-see attitude, recommending increased dosage of ibuprofen (3 times the package’s directions) and making sure I wasn’t becoming anemic through blood loss. The option of a hysterectomy was always there, but put off-able month after month. I, too, had my family complete and didn’t want more children.

      In the end, I didn’t get the hysterectomy, largely because the nature of what I do lets me dash to the bathroom often, and endure a couple of bad days every month. When I became perimenopausal, the big fibroid began to shrink. It’s down to about 1 3/4 inches now and still getting smaller.

      Ultimately, the decision for you should be based on how negatively it’s impacting your life.

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