Can Fibroid Tumors Cause Weight Gain

Fibroids During Pregnancy – How Fibroid Tumors in Pregnancy Can Cause Problems

Both pregnancy itself and the time spent trying to conceive can be an exciting time for many women. However, for women who have fibroids it can be quite a worrying time as it is a known fact that fibroids during pregnancy can cause some complications. However, the good news is that with careful monitoring, most women conceive naturally and go onto achieve a perfectly normal pregnancy.

For some women though, fibroids can cause problems both when trying to conceive and during the pregnancy itself.

<b>Possible Problems Caused By Fibroids During Pregnancy</b>

* Infertility-Although fibroids do not account for a large percentage of infertility cases, for women who have unexplained fertility, those who shrink their fibroids or have them removed, have between a 40% to 80% chance of achieving a pregnancy.

* If fibroids develop just below the surface of the womb, they can interfere with the normal implantation of a fertilized egg and therefore cause a miscarriage even before the woman would know she was pregnant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Extreme bloating…what’s wrong?
    I’ve always been a slender person with a fast metabolism (i’m 18 yrs. old,about 5’5, and weigh around 112 pounds)…but lately i’ve been feeling very sad and confused about my abdominal area. I’m not as active as I used to be, which obviously caused a little weight gain, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m concerned about extreme lower abdominal bloating. I wake up in the morning with a basically flat stomach, then the second after I eat something (doesn’t matter what or how much) I feel and look pregnant. This has been going on for a good while and I’m really upset about it… I want to be able to wear tighter clothes again like tank tops without feeling fat. Everyone keeps joking about it, saying things like “oh yea, you’re SO huge!” because they think I’m being ridiculous because they think I look fine. I showed my mom my stomach today, and for the first time she actually didn’t blow it off, she said we can ask the doctor..but I never trust doctors because they misdiagnose things so much and sometimes just blow things off saying “it’s not a big deal”. Any words of advice or past reference? I’ve researched so many things and nothing seems to help..

    Other symptoms (i don’t know if they are related to the problem or not):
    – Pain when running (doing cardio exercise)
    – Frequent need to urinate

    Other info:
    -On birth control
    – My mom recently had fibroid tumors removed from her uterus that made her stomach look pregnant (but I don’t think that’s it since I’m only 18).

    I appreciate any feedback! πŸ™‚
    I should have included this earlier, but I’m not pregnant. I’ve had my period normally every month with this problem still being present (like I said, this problem has been going on for a WHILE, like months)… so it’s not that.

    • ANSWER:
      See a doctor.

    I am forty and had a thermal ablasion on my uterus a couple years ago because of excessive bleeding with a fibroid tumor about the size of a golf ball/softball as described by my doctor.
    After the procedure, I started gaining weight, but figured it was age.
    Then last august, my hair started falling out, and did so for about three months or longer. Then, I began to start feeling ‘bad’—like dizzy and confused even vertigo like symptoms, and another doctor told me I had an ear virus. I took the meds–got even more meds including anitbiotics, yet I still have these symptoms.
    I get tired easy now, my back muscles get sore easily and I’ve always worked out, but its harder when I feeling like I’m staggering around too much on the treadmill.
    I think I have developed Hypothyroidism, and I understand this can cause fibroids anyway. I may have had it for a good while before the symptoms began.
    My head feels odd, like some kind of pressure in it, and I’ve noticed I’ve had blurry vision and I’ve always had perfect eyesight.
    This all started quickly after my hair began to fall out. It has stopped falling, but Im sure it could start again.
    I do have an appointment this coming week, but does anyone else recognize these symptoms? Im quite sure I have a hormonal imbalance, and have excessive facial hair that I remove sometimes twice a week.
    EEK! I’ve never felt this bad in my whole life and for an energetic person who’s turned into this, it’s absolutely baffling.
    Anyone else?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. I have Hypothyroidism, and yes, some of your symptoms are common with it. Usually if your hair starts to fall out from being Hypothyroid, it will not just stop unless you get on Thyroid medication, and get your levels back to normal. In my opinion, it sounds like you have more of a hormonal problem. One simple way to find out is to go get blood work done. They should run a Thyroid panel, and check your hormone levels. It’s too hard to determine what the problem is just by your symptoms alone. Blood work is your best bet at this point. I’m glad to see you’ll be going to the doctor to get checked. Good luck with your appointment. Feel better soon πŸ™‚

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