Are Fibroids Genetic

 ... has a protective effect on the development of uterine fibroids

Are You Able To Dissolve Uterine Fibroids

To girls who endure from massive uterine fibroids they are a curse that brings them pain and discomfort with period of time pains, heavy menstrual bleeding, constipation along with other maladies brought on from the fibroids pressing into your their insides. These ladies also suffer from diminished fertility and even if they get pregnant there is a increased probability of miscarriage and if a fibroid covers the exit they could have to own a suzerain part to offer birth. What does this mean? It indicates to shrink or dissolve uterine fibroids is usually a prime precedence for health and fitness and childbirth!

Are you able to dissolve uterine fibroids however?

The response which has amazed a lot of most women is YES. Women of all ages who see medical professionals about their dilemma are only advised element of your story and are supplied medical procedures or medicines to mask the signs or symptoms and therefore are never ever told of healthy cures and herbal treatments that may supply healthy cures that may shrink uterine fibroids to this kind of a diploma they no longer pose an issue.

Through the utilization of herbs from Chinese language medicine, dietary changes and an assortment of other approaches women can bring management of their well-being troubles and give good results to some healthy normal resolution with out the challenges of surgical treatment or hazardous facet results of prescribed prescription drugs. The cause for this is the fact that a organic cure targets the core issue that fibroids are induced by which are hormonal imbalanced, as soon as the body readjusts by itself to these changes you’ll be able to invert the impact and dissolve uterine fibroids inside your physique and be totally free from the ache and infertility issues forever!

To discover how to implement these healthy remedies and be free with the many difficulties of Uterine Fibroids click beneath for extra facts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any genetic predisposition to development of fibroids in women?
    Fibroids are masses which commonly develop in the uteruses of women who have delayed child-bearing or stopped producing children at an early age.They lead to massive bleeding and often end in hysterectomy i.e.surgical removal of the uterus.

    • ANSWER:

    anyone here ever had bad uterine fibroids?
    I think I may have developed a uterine fibroid(s). I’m having mucus and bleeding discharge while I’m taking progesterone, and I’ve read they are about the only “female” issue that gets worse with progesterone exposure instead of better. Also, my mom had one of the worst cases they’d ever seen when they were doing an autopsy on her over a year ago, and I’ve read they are genetic. Does anyone want to share how their symptoms presented? I do have a doc appointment on Thursday.

    • ANSWER:
      It does sound like you might have a uterine fibroid. My Mum used to get them all the time and experienced very heavy and painful periods accompanied by pelvic pain and also had heavy bleeding between periods. Before my Mum was diagnosed with her fibroids her doctors thought her pain was caused by her endometriosis (another condition she had).

      I haven’t personally experienced fibroids, but I do believe that some conditions are hereditary as my Mum had suffered from ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis and eventually had a hysterectomy. I too suffer with ovarian cysts regularly and was diagnosed with endometriosis last year.

      I would recommend you follow through with your doctors appointment on Thursday and hopefully they will be able to give you a better indication as to what could be causing your bleeding.

      Good luck 🙂

    Pain in lower stomach…Fibroids?
    My mom and my nana (grandmother) were both diagnosed with having fibroids. I know that they are genetic, so my probability of having them is higher than the average women. I often get sharp pains in my lower stomach on my right side. A few days ago the pain was so intense during sex that I had to stop. Yesterday it was excruciating to even set up, lay down, or even walk. I stayed up most of the night trying to deal with the pain. Also I have to urinate often, majority of the time have painful periods, and fullness and pressure in my lower abdomen along with other symptoms. This has happened many times in the past but I never made the connection between the pain and fibroids until recently. I know that pain during sex, frequent urination, fullness and pressure in the abdominal, area are some of the symptoms of fibroids. Could it be that I have a fibroid?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a good chance that you do. You should go to the gyno and get it checked out. If you are on hormonal birth control (pill, ring, patch, etc) it could be making fibroids grow larger. They usually shrink again when you stop.

      Go get checked out. The doctor will do a pelvic exam and will order an ultrasound on your uterus. Then you’ll have the answer.

      Fibroids don’t always have to be removed surgically. Sometimes they can be managed in other ways, or just left alone unless they become too problematic. If they are removed surgically, the surgeon usually doesn’t have to cut into you. They go up through your cervix and remove them (similar to a D & C)

    history of miscarraige. no known miscarraiges or birth defects in family. now my newborn has genetic deletion.?
    why me? why are my genes/ or eggs bad? im healthy. what is this thing effecting me or my eggs genetically? the miscarraiges were with various people so its not so likely to be poorly matched recessive gene phenomenon. ! ? also these conceptions were with people from various parts of the country whose families histories were different from mine….? so im kinda at a loss. p.s. im only 31 now. i dont smoke or take regular medicines or do anything crazy or out of the norm. i have no diabetes or family history of it. no fibroids or cyts. once again, im bewildered. can you help?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m assuming you’ve been to a gene therapist…? They should have told you what your baby’s chances of getting a genetic defect from you was, and what actions you could take.

      I’m not sure exactly how many miscarriages you’ve had, but after the first one I would’ve probably taken some caution instead of hooking up with different people and trying again. Child birth is not a crap shoot.

    Diesel fumes and miscarriage.?
    Can prolonged exposure to diesel fumes be the reason behind 2 miscarriages I’ve had both around 18 weeks ?
    I know for certain some things can be ruled out completely, as I have 3 previous children and healthy pregnancies. I have been tested for everything you can think of and been through genetic counseling as well. Everything negative, we are both healthy, no chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus or myself or husband, no blood clotting disorders, no incompetent cervix (both miscarriages were “missed”), no placental deficiency, no diabetes, thyroid disorders, no immune system problems, no uterine fibroids, etc……..
    Is where I work the problem ? I work for a transportation company and the garage is connected to my office, all that seperates us is a door that is left open much of the time. All three of my other healthy pregnancies I DID NOT WORK HERE . The last 2 second trimester miscarriages I worked here and they happened around the same time in my pregnancies.
    I know I may be searching for answers, because not knowing what happened twice now is literally driving me crazy. Could this be a possible reason ? I didn’t think of it until after all this testing was done.

    • ANSWER:
      theres no evidence to suggest thats the cause as id assume that the miscarriages would of happened earlier when the fetus wasnt as developed or strong and that if there was a risk the medical profession would be very aware of it, i think you probably are questioning every aspect and action of your life but unfortunately some times things just happen and there are no reasons for them, enjoy the three children you already have and if theres ment to be others there will be. thats how i think as im in a similar situation, take good care.

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