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Are Cancerous Fibroids Common?

As women, we are all programmed to look out for, and feel for any lumps and bumps in order that we can take any necessary action as quickly as possible. It is therefore understandable to feel worried when we are diagnosed with fibroid tumors, with the very word “tumor” often striking fear even in the most carefree of us and this may lead us to wonder if cancerous fibroids are common.

Most experts agree that in themselves, normal uterine fibroids are not cancerous. They do not cause cancer and do not become cancerous. Having said that, any abnormal, quick-growing mass of cells are sometimes considered to be potentially dangerous by some doctors, who may take steps to stop further growth and may even recommend a hysterectomy if the fibroids are large. It is obviously wise to have a proper diagnosis before undergoing any treatment to ensure that what your doctor thinks is a benign fibroid is not a different type of growth.

It is possible to have cancerous growths in and around the reproductive organs though, although these are very unlikely to be related to fibroid growth. There are four main cancers which affect this area:-

1. Cervical Cancer
2. Endometrial Carcinoma
3. Ovarian Cancer
4. Vaginal Cancer

Having established that cancerous fibroids are extremely rare, providing you have received a diagnosis of benign fibroids from your doctor, you have the luxury of time to consider your treatment options. You can do this in the knowledge that apart from the obvious discomfort factor, you are not putting yourself at risk by briefly postponing treatment.

A doctor may recommend a “watchful waiting” approach, to see if you can cope with your symptoms, or may suggest surgery or drug treatment. The problem with these treatments is that they do not get to the root cause of the problem so although you may get some relief, it is likely to be temporary as the fibroids are likely to regrow.

Having put aside your concerns about cancerous fibroids, you may wish to consider trying a natural holistic approach to get rid of your fibroids. Providing you have a little determination and you are prepared to take charge of your own healing by following a set of specific steps, your fibroids could be a thing of the past within a few short weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can an ultrasound detect cancerous fibroids?
    My first test showed fibroids in my uterus. My second ultrasould can in a the finding we some what the same, but now it is stating cancerous notings. My gyn told me not possible cause they can tell that in an ultrasoul. He then gave me another gyn for him the take a look at the test. Kind of funny y send my to another doctor when it is not possible. Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:

    In what ways can cancerous fibroids be diagnosed other than surgery?
    I have 4 uterine fibriods the largest is 9 cm.They have not caused any discomfort in the last 4 years I’ve had them.I know they are non-cancerous ,but my gyn wants me to have a hysterectomy because of the size.I sought a second opinion and I got the same answer.The two doctors say that they may be cancerous because of the size.But I have sonograms every year and they are not getting bigger.Everywhere I read ,I see that uterine fibroids are benign tumors. I am 38 years and I do not want a hysterectomy at this age.Some doctors are quick to do unnecessary surgeries and I do not know If I should go ahead with the hysterectomy or wait.

    • ANSWER:
      Good for investigating options. There are other options open to you. Have you explored uterine artery embolization? Or myomectomy? Hysterectomy is just the easiest way to deal with this, but these other options may be viable for you.

    Are most uterine fibroids non cancerous?
    My girlfriend was diagnosed with one. She is not having any problems with pain, bleeding etc. It was picked up when she had a Hysterosonography done (the test from Hell for sure!! very painful and very invasive.)
    The ob/gyn Dr has referred her to a gyn-oncologist to have it removed. The Dr didn’t answer any of our questions, so needless to say we are both very frustated. We asked if it needed to be removed asap, or if it could wait. I know quite a few women that have fibroids that never have them removed, and never have any problems with them. The Dr said this was a “mass” in her uterus, I’m wondering if that means cancer?
    God I hate Dr’s in Florida, they are the absolute WORST in the country. She has an appointment with a specialist for a consultation next week to see what’s going on, hopefull she’ll get some straight answers on what to do.
    Opinions are welcome, especially from the medical profession.
    one of the main questions we wanted to know is that IF it needs to be removed, can this type of surger be done under a local and not general anesthsia? Like an epidural?
    PS the doctor “dismissed” us both as patients because we calmly asked a few questions about this and what the options are. We were told to seek healthcare elsewhere. I guess that’s telling us, “if you question my authority or take up too much of my time, you’re outta here…” Gotta love the medical profession………..NOT

    • ANSWER:
      I was under the assumption that all fibroids are non-cancerous, and that if it was cancerous then it would be called a fibroid. I think the definition on a lot of sites is that a fibroid is a non-cancerous growth.
      Not that they cant cause pain or problems though.
      That would be really annoying that the doctor isn’t being helpful, I think personally even if I was told I didn’t need to have it removed, I still would, just for peace of mind and knowing that you wouldnt have to worry about it any longer.

    14 year old cat with lung fibroids, possibly cancerous?
    My 14 year old cat lost over two pounds in less than two months. I took him to the vet, who did a complete blood panel (everything was normal), and took chest x-rays, because I mentioned that he had been coughing. The lung x-rays showed fibroids in his lungs, but my vet was reluctant to say it was definitely cancer.

    He gave him antibiotics(in case the fibroids were secondary to an infection), and prednesone. Two weeks later I took him back to be x-rayed again, and his lungs looked the same. So, basically my vet told me he wasn’t sure what was going on, but as long as my cat was acting better (he was at that point), then I should keep giving him the prednesone.

    Fast forward another week & he’s not doing better, and has started sneezing. His eyes aren’t watery, and his nose is not snotty except right after he sneezes.

    Has anybody had a cat with similar symptoms? I just want to know what is wrong with my cat, and what, if anything, I can do to help him. I understand that he’s old, and maybe it’s almost his time to go. If that’s the case, then I’ll let him go because I don’t want him to suffer. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried searching the internet, but there’s vague information about feline lung cancer, and I don’t know what else it could be. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you sure that your vet didn’t say “nodules”? Fibroids aren’t a disease that I can find in any of my veterinary texts or sites.

      Steroids like prednisone can cause animals to feel better. They improve appetite and can even help with some cancers (particularly leukemia), but they are also immunosuppressive, which can make him more susceptible to other diseases. Many cats have subclinical viral rhinitis (“colds” that are kept suppressed by the immune system), and steroids can make those pop up to the point of showing symptoms.

      With a 14 year old cat with lung nodules, there is very little you can do if it is cancer. Chemotherapy could help, but it is very expensive and not likely to be rewarding if the the disease is very advanced.

      Primary cancer in the lung (cancer that comes from lung cells) is somewhat rare in animals. The most common reason for cancer to be in the lung is as a metastasis from another location in the body. If some other cancer is already metastasizing to the lungs, there isn’t much you can do. Common cancers in feline lungs are chondrosarcoma (cartilage), osteosarcoma (bone), lymphoma (white blood cells), hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels), as well as your pulmonary carcinoma (primary lung cell carcinoma). If your cat starts having odd nodules on his toes, this can be an indication of lung cancer.

      However, it sounds like your cat has had this for more than two months, there isn’t much change, and he isn’t dead yet (YAY!!!). This is good, as it means his problem is less likely to be cancer.

      Infections, especially fungal infections, are also possible causes for nodules on radiographs (x-ray films). Additionally, asthma and heartworms (cats get them too!) can cause some abnormal changes that will show up. Other worms can have stages that migrate through the lungs and cause nodules and lung problems.

      Fungus almost never clears by itself, it MUST be treated.

      There are some other additional diagnostics that can be done:
      – the test for Cryptococcus, the most common fungal disease in cats is very accurate
      – Broncho-alveolar Lavage (BAL) – this is done under anesthesia and involves squirting some saline into the lungs and sucking it back out to see what kinds of cells it has. This can show some fungal disease, infections, inflammatory processes and cancer, but it doesn’t always pick them up.
      – Fine needle aspirate – this can be dangerous in the lungs, and your veterinarian will tell you if this is an option. It involves sticking a needle into the nodules and taking out some of the cells to look at under a microscope. In the lungs it is done with an ultrasound machine to guide the needle.
      – Fecal exam/deworming – CAREFUL, the exam is harmless, but there are risks to treating if there are worms in the lungs. Some worms will cause a severe allergic-type reaction when they die.

      Ideally, you will talk to your veterinarian, and if he tells you either a) the lung problems are “fibroids” or b) your cat has cancer without performing additional tests, then you should seek a second opinion. You may want to seek a second opinion now.

      I know times are tough and money may be tight, so I understand if all you can afford is trying to keep him comfortable during his mystery disease. It’s hard to lose a friend, and the fact that you are willing to let him go if he is suffering tells me that you are a wonderful person for putting his comfort above your own. I’m sorry you both are going through this; there are no easy answers.

      If it comes time to let him go, many vets are willing to do an autopsy (“necropsy” in animals) to try to find out what the disease was. Some find this to be closure, and some want to make it easier for the disease to be identified in the future. If this is something that could bring you comfort, please consider it whenever the time comes (hopefully in a long time down the road).

    Please help me get through this ='(?
    just a couple of hours ago…i thought that being 17 dpo and 3 days late that my chances of being pregnant we great…DH and i have been ttc for almost 2 years now…instead i have just learned that i have uterine fibroids(cancerous)…dr told us that 99 percent i wont be able to carry a child….i’m an emotional train wreck…i’m not trying to get sympathy from anyone on here…i am just tired of all the family trying to tell me that it will be ok…don’t have any friends that i can turn to…and some of you on here during what i thought was my tww have helped and encouraged me get through these couple weeks…i’m really new to yahoo answers but i feel like some people on here really made me feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel…has any one ever had uterine fibroids and got pregnant??? please no rude comments I’m already crying trying to type this, so go somewhere else if you want to be mean.

    • ANSWER:
      are you sure the fibroids are cancerous? uterine fibroids are almost always benign. i think only 1 in 1000 of all fibroids are cancerous and i think it mainly happens with older women (like 50’s). if you were told that they are cancerous (perhaps b/c of rapid growth or something), get a second opinion, to be on the safe side.

      as for the carrying a child, you don’t know that yet. the first step is to have a good ultrasound (from an ultrasound technician, i didn’t know they exist until i left texas), then an mri, and then surgery. i have been told for YEARS that i will never have children b/c of the size and number of fibroids, i had a laproscopic myomectomy and the fibroids only penetrated about 1 cm into my uterine wall so i can go through natural child birth. i had surgery 3 weeks ago so i don’t know about pregnancy yet 🙂 also, there’s nothing wrong with adoption. i’ve come to terms with the fact that i might never have a child of my own and there are many children out there who need the love and support of a person willing to give it…remember that! if your fibroids are not cancerous, there are a lot of women all over the world who have children either having the fibroids or having some surgery to remove them. having fibroids DOES NOT mean you will never have children.

      but please, if you were told it is cancer, get a second opinion!

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