Anterior Uterine Fibroid

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Why Fibroids Grow in the Uterus

Getting pregnant with uterine fibroids can be problematic for some women, although it is reassuring to learn that most will go on to have normal pregnancies and a healthy delivery at the end. However, pregnancy is worrying at the best of times and especially so if you know you have fibroids.

Many people worry that fibroids will grow larger during pregnancy. Whilst this can be the case, it is not always so. Whether fibroids enlarge or not, there are several ways in which they can affect a pregnancy.

The size and location of fibroids can sometimes cause a feeling of heaviness and discomfort as they impinge on nearby organs. In addition, they can sometimes press on nerves, causing sharp pains in the legs or back. As a pregnancy progresses, a problem called “red degeneration” can occur. This is where the fibroid bleeds usually during the middle three months. It will normally settle, but should be monitored by your doctor.

Sometime, actually getting pregnant with uterine fibroids can be problematic and it is believed that fibroids are the cause of a number of cases of unexplained fertility. The size or location of fibroids can sometimes block the passage of sperm through the cervix or fallopian tubes. In addition, fibroids located just below the surface of the womb can interfere with conception or cause recurrent early miscarriages.

Once a pregnancy is established, fibroids are usually less of a problem. Although they can sometimes cause an earlier miscarriage, premature birth is the more likely outcome but this is usually later in pregnancy when the baby has a greater chance of survival.

There is some research to suggest that your chances of getting pregnant with uterine fibroids increases significantly (between 40-80%) once they are no longer there. However, taking the decision to have surgery when you are thinking about having a baby is not an easy one, particularly when scar tissue and distortion of the womb are both issues. This is one reason why many women turn to natural treatments to deal with the problems fibroids can cause in pregnancy.

If you would like further information on my recommended natural treatment for fibroids, please visit my website, Fibroids and Pregnancy.

Written by a nutritionalist, health writer and former fibroids sufferer herself, the system I recommend is groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will finally feel that you have found something that will work for you.

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About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it suggestible to go for hysterectomy at the age of 35 years for having 4.2 x 3.9 cm uterine wall fibroid?
    complaint: heavy bleeding due to intramural anterior uterine wall fibroid compressing adjacent endometrial echo.

    • ANSWER:
      Discuss with gynecologist / suitable doctor, not with lay people on YA!

    i am 9 week pregnant and after ultrasound i found a uterine fibroid. what itis and can i cure it?
    is it affect my child? the fibroid is 20.8mm x 15.6mm of size in anterior wall of uterus. will it increase as my pregnancy or it will remove its own? what i should do? should complete bed rest will help? i don’t want to use medication becoz am afraid it will effect my child.plz help.

    • ANSWER:

    what is treatment of uterine fibroid?
    my mother had two intramural fibroids of 15mm.12mm and 23mm.19mm ,in body region in anterior intramural fibroid of 12mm.10mm near right cornu. she had a recurrent leucorrhoea and with itching and burning.give me advice what i should do,

    • ANSWER:
      Uterine fibroids that have become a nuisance (or cause pain) can be surgically removed. Make an appointment with an OB GYN. They may refer her to a surgeon. It depends as to whether the doctor thinks its the right thing to do.

      Tell your mother to insist that they get removed. So doctor think they know whats best without considering a patients quality of life.

    Fibroid questions, thanks?
    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know what a anterior fundal subserosal fibroid is…where it is located? I don’t know what anteriior fundal means?

    …also please: a right uterine body intramural fibroid, an anterior uterine body subserosal fibroid, a posterior uterine body intramural fibroid, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I was trying for ya! 🙂
      When i typed it in it didn’t show me any links so i went to the one that it offered in the drop down part when you type it
      subserosal anterior fundal fibroid Leiomyoma
      If you go to this link after looking at the pics. go to the overview and it will explain everything. I could copy and paste but there is a lot of good info. you should read! Good Luck!

    My baby is still showing a week behind. I found out I have an anterior placenta. I am so worried. Advice?
    I am 33 weeks and 2 days today. The baby is showing as 32 weeks and 4 days, so almost a week behind. When I went for my 31 week appointment he was a full week behind. Today, the doctor did an in depth ultrasound. He checked the blood flow from the umbilical cord. He said everything looked fine. He checked the baby’s breathing and said everything looked fine. The heartrate was fine as well. He ran some other tests to see if there was a growth restriction and didn’t see any indication of that. He said the results are slightly abnormal but nothing to worry about. But of course, this is my first child and I am extremely worried. I don’t want my baby to be a dwarf. I will love him regardless but everyone wants a healthy child. He said he weighs about 4.04 lbs. this week. Is this normal at this stage in the pregnancy?

    I am so worried. I know everything will be fine but a small part of me is worried. My doctor was going to send me to a specialist to do an amniocentesis at 35 weeks, but has decided against it since he’s discovered I have an anterior placenta and I believe he said it’s down low. He said they don’t like to perform an amniocentesis under those circumstances. I am having a scheduled c-section because I had a fibroid removed from my uterus earlier this year. He doesn’t want me to risk uterine rupture.

    I am also down because a lot of people, especially family, is always saying how small I look. “Oh, you’re barely showing at all!” I also know they are probably saying that because it’s taken me so long to get pregnant my baby is probably going to be premature or something is going to be wrong with him. I am 32 and this is our first child. I never thought I’d get pregnant but got pregnant within two months of having a myomectomy (fibroid removed).
    Also, I asked if there was something he could give me to relax me before the c-section. I am a serious control freak. I hate being out of control and I know I’m going to panic once I realize I can’t control the feeling in my body from the epidural. He said no. He said it will relax the baby and he doesn’t want that. So I have to stick this out.
    Jill – Yes, that’s why they wanted to do the amnio at 35 weeks. But he has said we aren’t doing that and I am so glad because I was worried.

    • ANSWER:
      There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Due dates and measurements are estimates only, and babies grow at varying rates inside the womb just like they do outside. It is considered “normal” as long as your measurements are within about a 2-3 week margin in either direction, so you are well within that acceptable variance and your baby’s size / your belly size is normal.

      Why were they wanting to do an amniocentesis in the first place? To check lung maturity before the scheduled c-section? There’s really no good reason to do that anyway unless they wanted to deliver you at 35 weeks and not wait to 36 or 37 weeks (at which point lungs are most definitely mature enough anyway).

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