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Fibroid Tumors And Pregnancy

If you have uterine fibroids and are wanting to conceive, you will doubtlessly be wondering about the connection between fibroid tumors and pregnancy. Fibroids can, and very often do, impact upon pregnancy and affect some women’s ability to conceive. However, the good news is that most do go on to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Potential difficulties include problems in actually conceiving, labor complications and unexplained miscarriage.

Fibroids can block the cervix or the opening of the fallopian tubes, thereby blocking the passage of sperm to the ovum. Submucosal fibroids may severely distort the uterine cavity, making implantation impossible or miscarriage when implantation occurs.

Although fibroids tend to stay the same size or even shrink during pregnancy, there is evidence to suggest that larger fibroids can sometimes bring on an early labor, although on average this only decreases gestation by up to 4 weeks, generally causing no significant problems to the mother or baby.

One common complication is “red degeneration”. This can often give women quite a fright and is caused by a breakdown of fibroid tissue around mid-pregnancy, causing bleeding. If this happens and you are at all worried, consult your doctor right away for reassurance. This is one occasion where fibroid tumors and pregnancy don’t appear to sit together well although for the majority of women, the bleeding soon passes and does not harm the baby at all.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are at all worried about fibroid tumors and pregnancy and you are yet to conceive, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to look at ways of naturally managing your fibroids to give you the best chance of conceiving and your baby the best possible start.

Concerned about the lack of real help for women with fibroid tumors, an alternative practitioner developed a complete home treatment system for shrinking fibroids which mirrored what she taught women in her busy clinic.

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