Do Fibroids Hurt

      Do fibroids hurt???

Fibroids or uterine fibroids are benign tumors that get developed in uterus. As these are benign tumors, there are no chances of cancer. They are very common among women of the age group of thirty. Most of these women have no specific symptoms. On the other hand, a few women show a range of symptoms. These include abnormal bleeding, prolonged periods etc. In case of severe bleeding, anemia may also occur.

There is not much known data about the causes of fibroids. Some proofs say that it is somewhat genetic while other considers it related with hormones. Estrogen is believed to play a significant role in the development of fibroids. Besides these, obesity is also considered as one of the causes fibroids.  Obese women have more probability of having fibroids as compared to their counterparts.

Detection of fibroid is a very serious issue. Fibroids can be detected by the physically examining the pelvic region. If the physician notes something large in the lower abdomen, he can refer the patient for an ultrasound. Ultrasound confirms the presence of fibroids.

As mentioned above, there are no particularized symptoms of fibroids. Most of the time fibroids are innocuous. However, sometimes they can give a real tough time. There are a lot of methods available for the treatments of fibroids. These methods can be hormonal or surgical. Hormonal methods include the usage of anti-estrogen drugs. These drugs play a significant role in shrinking fibroids. On the contrary, they have various side-effects. They may lead to menopause, hot flashes, osteoporosis etc. Also, hormonal therapy is a temporary solution. After you have stopped taking hormones, fibroids may develop again.

Surgical methods include the removal of either fibroids or uterus. Surgical removal of fibroids is called as myomectomy while that for uterus is called as hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is considered as the last option as the removal of uterus makes women unable to become mother. These days, uterine artery embolization has also become a relatively commonly used technique for fibroids treatment.

Do fibroids hurt and if so, then why do fibroids hurt?

As said above most of the women don’t experience any difficulties related with fibroids. Still a few women face some really unpleasant situation. Besides heavy periods, they are subjected to severe pelvic pain. Large size fibroids put some substantial pressure in the pelvic area. They can even dilate the uterus so that it is pressed against other organs. This can also lead to pain in the back.

Large fibroids can have a sizeable effect on the urinary bladder. They put pressure on the bladder, thus sinking it capacity. Also, they can cause a decrease in the flow of urine. The patient may experience an increased desire of urination. Sometimes, women would find themselves unable to pass urine out, even when the bladder is full. Fibroids also cause a great deal of problems, when they put pressure on the rectum. In such case, they can cause the sensation of being constipated, besides having difficulties in defecation. However, one thing should always be kept in mind that most of the times fibroids are harmless.



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