Fibroids And Pregnancy Bleeding

Fibroids and Pregnancy

There is no doubt that fibroids and pregnancy do not sit well together. Fibroids can be troublesome under normal circumstances, but throw the desire to have a baby or an actual pregnancy into the mix and a number of issues arise.

If you are aware that you have fibroids and are trying to conceive, then you should be aware that most women will go on to have a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. However, a minority of women will experience significant problems, some of which can be overcome.

The size and location of fibroids is relative to the degree and type of problems you might experience. If fibroids are located in a place which can cause a blockage, such as next to the cervix or close to the fallopian tube entrance then this can prevent sperm from passing through and thus prevent a woman becoming pregnant.

Fibroids and pregnancy can also be an issue when fibroids are located within the uterine cavity, as the interior can become distorted which can prevent the egg implanting. In some cases where implantation occurs, then if it is in an area which has “thinned out” due to the fibroid stretching, an early miscarriage could occur before the pregnancy is even suspected.

During pregnancy, another possible complication is when fibroids grow larger. This can happen due to the increased hormones in circulation at this time and can cause a couple of issues. Firstly, fibroids can suddenly outgrow their blood supply, causing a condition known as “red degeneration” where bleeding can occur. This can be very painful but is rarely dangerous and usually settles without treatment. However, if you suspect this, a visit to the doctor is in order. Secondly, enlarging fibroids cam compete with the growing baby for space within the uterus and this can cause an early delivery or, thankfully rarely, a miscarriage.

If you are worried about fibroids and pregnancy, speak to your doctor about your options and get her opinion on the likely impact on your own situation. Doctors are often reluctant to perform surgery due to the possible impact of scar tissue preventing a future pregnancy. There is also the recovery time to consider, although in certain circumstances surgery will be an option.

You can also consider using natural treatment which is non-invasive and can work very quickly providing you are prepared to stick to the protocols. This will involve dietary modification, detoxification and cleansing routines as well as supplementing your diet, amongst other strategies.

Please visit Fibroids and Pregnancy for further information.

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About the author: Gail advocates using natural treatments for fibroids rather than using conventional medication or surgery as this is a workable long term solution. Conventional medication only treats the symptoms and fibroids are likely to regrow, whereas natural treatments, when used properly can eliminate the root cause by rebalancing the body and restoring overall health.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Pregnancy, fibroids and bleeding. Anyone else?
    I am 14 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid tumor at 9 weeks, after some light spotting. Last Saturday evening while making dinner i started bleeding.. heavily. Hubby and I rushed to ER to basically be told “it happens to some women with fibroids. Go home and come back if it continues for too long”. At my regular doctors that Monday he called the bleeding “worrysome” and and told me to take it easy and that the bleeding means the baby my be trying to miscarry. My question is: I heard women say they had the periods throughout there whole pregnany, but technically it can not have been a real period… so were you bleeding from a fibroid? How often did you bleed? And did the baby live full term? How about delivery? C-section? Please keep in mind I have a uterine fibriod.. one near my cervix.

    • ANSWER:
      I was recently diagnoised as having a fibroid tumor about a month ago but I am not pregnant. During my first pregnancy I did start bleeding. It was heavy like a regular period and even some clotting. I went to the er convinced that I had miscarried but the baby’s heartbeat was fine. I bled for the first 3 months of that pregnancy and I did carry to full term and have a healthy 16 year old son now. So don’t worry especially if there is no cramping. Just stay off of your feet as much as possible during the bleeding. Oh, and congratulations.
    do fibroids tend to bleed and cause pain during pregnancy. what can one do to keep the bleeding and pain down.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anytime that you’re bleeding during your pregnancy you have to get it checked out!
    Fibroids and Pregnancy?
    I am a woman – age 38 interested in getting pregnant. However I have a huge fibroid that has enlarged my uterus to 18cm . I have regular periods that last about 5 days with heavy bleeding the first 3 days due to the fibroid. The doctor has recommended a hysterectomy and says that I can’t get pregnant. He is very old and may be relying on old standards and the fact that I am single. Can my fertility be determined in whole from a sonogram especially considering that I am not sexually active and have not been trying to get pregnant ? Does a fibroid effect a woman’s ability to get pregnant or ones ability to hold on to a pregnancy ? I know a uterus stretches enough to hold multiple babies so can a uterus stretch enough to hold one baby and one large fibroid ? I was hoping to start iui or ivf now. is there any hope for me ? I know many women have fibroids and get pregnant. Please reply with your story. thanks

    • ANSWER:
    Mirena coil bleeding problems?
    I have had problems with this for two years now I bleed almost once a week for a day or two, it starts after sex or even during sex. Gp has ruled out infections, pregnancy, fibroids etc.

    I also suffer from panic attacks, vertigo and skin and hair problemsd which i read online that can be caused by the mirena. I’ve just made an appointment to get the damn thing removed because basically i want my life back. Anyone else had similar experiences? What form of contraception is best to go nto next? I was on the pill years ago and that never had these problems.

    • ANSWER:
      I hated my mirena. I stuck with it for 2 years as it felt like my last option to sort out period pain. I know some people swear by the mirena but I am not one of them. I put on weight because I was always ravenous, I was also very emotional and the worst part was having 10 day long periods in a 20 day cycle.

      It was such a relief to get it removed. I really do not get on with hormonal contraceptives, so I’m back to condoms now and I have to say I feel so much better its worth a little extra bother. My partner much prefers for me to be more happy, less hormonal, with fewer, shorter periods than complain about using condoms!

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