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Fibroids During Pregnancy – How Fibroid Tumors in Pregnancy Can Cause Problems

Both pregnancy itself and the time spent trying to conceive can be an exciting time for many women. However, for women who have fibroids it can be quite a worrying time as it is a known fact that fibroids during pregnancy can cause some complications. However, the good news is that with careful monitoring, most women conceive naturally and go onto achieve a perfectly normal pregnancy.

For some women though, fibroids can cause problems both when trying to conceive and during the pregnancy itself.

<b>Possible Problems Caused By Fibroids During Pregnancy</b>

* Infertility-Although fibroids do not account for a large percentage of infertility cases, for women who have unexplained fertility, those who shrink their fibroids or have them removed, have between a 40% to 80% chance of achieving a pregnancy.

* If fibroids develop just below the surface of the womb, they can interfere with the normal implantation of a fertilized egg and therefore cause a miscarriage even before the woman would know she was pregnant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    do fibroid tumors bleed or have a leakage?
    I am not due for my monthly period for another 2 weeks and 2 days ago I spotted blood (and it was not like blood in my urine) while using the bathroom. Then I had like a brown colored discharge follow by a purple coloured discharge in the 2 days days following the spotting. It seems to be clearing up, but I want to know if fibroids leak and if so, or if not, should I consult my physician, or wait until june 8th when I go to see the specialist?

    • ANSWER:
      My mom had fibroids. They can cause spotting, but, of course, you should talk to your doctor. My mom had the fibroid immobilization surgery, and hasn’t had any problems for a while. Good luck! πŸ™‚

    38 weeks pregnant with fibroid tumors, what can I take to cut down on the bleeding during the delivery?
    One Dr told me that because of the fibroids, there is going to be alot of bleeding during the labor. I want to cut down on the bleeding and I was looking at the Red Raspberry Tea. The baby has turned head down but has not dropped, I am still working everyday and walking, she has not dropped either. Are there any suggestions from anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing you can take. The doctors will have to control. I am leary of herbal supplements, especially during pregnancy. Just because its natural does not mean its safe. Drink lots of water to keep up your blood supply. Other than that talk extensively with your OB and discuss your fears and the options. Knowledge is your best tool. I C-section is probably the best and only options i suppose.


    Do doctors remove fibroid tumors during a D&C?
    I am scheduled for a hystroscopic and D&C tomorrow for abnormal bleeding and fibroid tumors. The research I have done never indicates that they revove the fibroids. Yet, it is the fibroids and the tissues on the uterous that is causing the extreme bleeding.

    • ANSWER:
      D and C is a procedure to scrape and collect the tissue (endometrium) from inside the uterus. Dilatation (“D”) is a widening of the cervix to allow instruments into the uterus. Curettage (“C”) is the scraping of the contents of the uterus.
      Please see the web pages for more details and tutorials on Dilation and Curettage.

    i have been diagnosed with fibroid tumors everyone says they cause heavy bleeding i havent even spotted?
    No period since august no not pregnant

    • ANSWER:

    What treatment do you recommend for fibroid tumors?
    I was diagnosed with having fibroid tumors back in April. I have two tumors the size of golf balls on my uterus, so far non cancerous. I have some pain and discomfort and heavy uncontrolled bleeding spells. My gyn acts like it’s no big deal, but I don’t like feeling this way all the time. Does anyone have any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      The only treatment for fibroid tumors is surgery. All it is, is thick tissue that causes pain. I had them too and after a while, they had to be removed because they got so big. There’s no pill to make them go away. If you feel pain from them, use a warm heating pad and it really eases up the pain. Good luck

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