Fibroid Bleeding During Pregnancy

Fibroids During Pregnancy

Uterine Fibroids During Pregnancy – Are You Pregnant With A Fibroid?

If you have fibroids and thinking about starting a family, you may be wondering about the effects of uterine fibroids during pregnancy. Although there can be consequences, most women who are pregnant with fibroid tumors have successful pregnancies.

However, being prepared and having some knowledge of the circumstances where this could be an issue is wise as it is undeniable that in a small number of cases, problems can occur. There are two main issues surrounding fibroids during pregnancy-Size and Location.

* Size – Larger fibroids can cause problems particularly when located just underneath the uterine lining (submucosal). These can distort the inside of the uterine cavity to such an extent that it makes implantation impossible. Alternatively, even if implantation occurs, an early miscarriage can happen, often before the woman even realizes she is pregnant. If a successful pregnancy happens, larger fibroids can cause complications such as bleeding, longer and more complicated deliveries and premature birth, as the growing baby fights for space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Has any one had a non cancerous fibroid during pregnancy?
    did you bleed severely and cramp during the first three months.Any tissue discharge?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds 2 me that your miscaring i would go to the doctors if your bleeding cramping and having tissue discharge

    bleeding during pregnancy?
    i took a pregnancy test three times all positive according to the preg calculator i am 7wks pregnant. but i started bleeding heavy at first but it became light . there were clots and i had no pains at all. when i see my period i usually have clots because of the cold in my body. i had a miscarriage before it was not like that. also my second pregnancy i missed my period the first month but the second month i saw bleeding but i delivered a healthy baby. honestly i am a little confuse. should i be worried. also i have a fibroid. please help me

    • ANSWER:
      See a doctor. Even if you’re not having a miscarriage, this is not considered normal and your doctor needs to make sure YOU are okay. (I have had five miscarriages and I have had 2 pregnancies that went to term…. twin girls and a boy!) Your body does different things with each pregnancy, only a doctor can make sure, through exams and blood tests and ultrasounds, that everything is indeed fine. You may not be experiencing any pain, but pain is not the only indicator that something isn’t going well. Bleeding+clots+pregnancy= a doctors visit.

    Bleeding during internal exam (5-6 weeks)?
    I found out I was pregnant a week before my doctors appointment. I had some brown and pink spotting, but no pain or cramping and I had read that it was normal. When I went to the doctor this week (Monday) she confirmed that the pregnancy was in the uterus and did a routine pap. I usually bleed during the pap anyway and I did for this one too. She found a polyp on my cervix and I also have a small fibroid. But she did think I was miscarrying. When she looked at the ultrasound. the baby was there and she said everything looked normal for 5 weeks. I have not had anymore heavy bleeding, but I do have brown or rust color discharge, but only need a panty liner. This is my first pregnancy and I am so worried about losing my child. I am trying to relax and not be stressed, but it is so hard. Has anyone gone through the some or has any good advice. Thank you for caring.
    Had my second ultrasound yesterday and everything is perfect! My little bean has a strong heartbeat and all looks well as my doctor has said.

    • ANSWER:
      brown blood is old blood. it can be normal to bleed bc of a pap or cervical exam due to irritation and there is increased blood flow to the cervix. the polyp could be causign the bleeding, or you might have a small clot….i wouldn’t worry unless it turns bright red, or you start having pain with it….did she say when to come back? she should be monitoring your blood hcg levels to see if they are going up or down since she said there is potential for m/c….GL and sticky baby dust!!

      ps i had drk bleeding at what i thought was 8 & 4 ended up being 7 & 2 but u/s showed baby was fine and had a good heartbeat, they said i might have a small clot somewhere that was causing the blood, sure enough, a day later i passed a small elongated clot (sorry if TMI) knew it wasn’t baby bc baby is in a sm round sac, which last pg i did see when i m/c, so i wasn’t worried plus as soon as i saw the clot the bleeding stopped all but right away…..i’m now 31 & 2, yay. lol…so yeah dont’ panic yet…

    Fibroid during pregancy?
    I am 30 yrs old and i have kid of 5 yrs old. i am pregnant now ( 35 days) and expericed light bleeding. After scanning doctor found out that i have Fibroid. the report says – “Retroflexed uterus with anterior wall intramural Subserous Fibroid measur 53 x 50 mm. Thickened endometrium-possiblity of early pregnancy”. Could anyone advice me is this a srious issue or not very serous at all. Doctor said not big issue but i am very much concerned abt this. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy!

      I think as long as your doctor told you it’s not serious, you shouldn’t worry. The fibroid is anterior which means at the back side of the uterus, fibroids can be a nuissance if they are at a frontal position thus blocking the cervix. I also had the same kind of fibroid that measured 1cm x 1cm at the beginning of my pregnancy, it got 10cm x 10cm during my pregnancy because of the hormones and at my 6 week check up after labor it had already shrunk back to it’s original size. Don’t worry, fibroids are benign and very common!

    fibroid and pregnancy…?
    i am now 19 1/2 weeks pregnant. my first ultrasound at 7 weeks showed a small fibroid. my 18th week ultrasound showed the same fibroid only slightly bigger.has this happened to anyone? should i worry? what is going to happen to my baby or myself? am i going to bleed to death during labor? i know that might sound strange but i worry about these things.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s not strange to worry at all!! I have quite a fibroid history and am still scared at this moment. 2 1/2 years ago, I had 6 fibroids removed from the outside of my uterus with a pretty major surgery. The doctor told me to “go make babies” because everything would be fine. I got pregnant Dec. 07, during ultrasounds, 3 smaller fibroids were found inside the uterus this time. I miscarried at 8 w 4 d and the dr. was pretty sure it was due to the largest of the 3 fibroids.
      Well, I was due to have surgery June 2nd to get it removed so we could try to get pregnant. Four days before the surgery, I found out that even though we were very careful about protection, I was pregnant again! Ultrasounds show the fibroid has shifted position and is no longer hanging down in the uterus–a real miracle! I will be 8 weeks tomorrow, and so far, the heartbeat is great, the growth is on target, I feel completely different and have all the symptoms this time and the doctors think this pregnancy is going well so far.
      Fibroids do grow a tiny bit faster due to hormones when you’re pregnant, but most babies will grow and push right around them, so I think at 19.5 weeks, you should be fine at this point. You won’t bleed to death giving birth, but they CANNOT remove it anytime during pregnancy or right after–if they try, the uterus can cause a hemmorage.
      So basically, it’s just an annoyance for you right now–they usually arent’ cancerous or even painful unless they are left to grow huge. Nothing you can do but focus on your pregnancy, and sometime after the baby comes speak with a specialist about removal options. Fibroids happen to many many many of us–you’re not alone!
      Good luck–you’re just about 1/2 way there!

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