Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Causes

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Abnormal Menstrual Cycle: Heavy Bleeding it's a Condition Called Menorrhagia

No woman on this earth loves to get her period, unless she’s hoping not to be pregnant. Unfortunately we have to go through this annoying cycle until we reach menopause, that is just about the best thing to look forward to when it comes to reaching menopause, is no more periods yay! Menorrhagia is when your cramps and bleeding are so bad that it interferes with your daily activities. If you have heavy bleeding you might be suffering from this medical condition.

A normal period is not as bad, the cramps might be mild and the bleeding is not as heavy. The symptoms of a normal menstrual cycle are:

Your period occurs every 21-35 days

It should last between 4 and 5 days

Produces a blood loss of about 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 44 milliliters)

Of course every woman does not have the same period, sometimes it might be lighter than usual, less painful, maybe shorter, less discomfort and easier to deal with. Now if you suffer from Menorrhagia, then the blood loss would be at least 5 1/2 tablespoons (81 milliliters). The symptoms to this condition according to Mayo Clinic are:

If you have bleeding that soaks up your sanitary pads or tampons every hour

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what causes abnormal uterine bleeding at age 35?

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different things that could be causing abnormal bleeding. You should see yur gynecologist ASAP. I’m 42 and was having the same problem My gynecologist found fibroid tumors. Had a hysterectomy which removed the tumors(which were benign as in most cases).
      But could be anything as simple as dieting, stress, etc.
      Trust yur gyn and go see him/her

    uti infection, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and itchy skin?
    I’ve had the full work up at the gyno and my primary physician and still no answers! I should also note that I am not sexually active. Maybe someone out there has a similar story. Okay, here goes. About 6-8 weeks ago I started having frequent urination (especially at night) and mild pain in my mid to lower back/side area. These were my only symptoms. Went to my doctor and he did a dipstick urine test. There was blood, pus and elevated protein in my urine – he put me on cipro. After a week, no relief so he switched me to bactrim. Finished bactrim with no change in symptoms. About three weeks ago I started having abnormal uterine bleeding (non stop, but light to moderate). Went to my gyno and had a pelvic exam, pap smear and a pelvic ultrasound. All clear from the gyno’s point of view. About a week ago, pain in back started feeling worse and “full” (or swollen), started itching like crazy almost everywhere (arms, underarms, legs, neck, etc.), feel achy all over with a low-grade fever. Went to primary doc again he did a CBC and a urine culture. CBC came back normal, but the urine culture showed an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria (UTI) and put me on Macrobid. I just took my first dose tonight (3/23/09). Would a UTI cause all these other crazy symptoms? My doctor was unable or unwilling to answer my questions about all my other symptoms; especially the itching and abnormal uterine bleeding. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
    I also wanted to point out that I was not on any medication (not even the antibiotic) when my itching began. Antibiotics (cipro and bactrim) were finished about two weeks prior to the itchy skin. I also have endometriosis (have had two surgeries to remove it), but it has never caused dysfunctional uterine bleeding in the past (other than heavy, regular periods). It’s just odd that all these symptoms are happening at one time.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know the cause of polyps in the uterine lining?
    And could this cause abnormal bleeding? My periods have been lasting 2-3 wks. I have been taking the depo provera injections for 4 mos., but had bleeding symptoms previously. Any suggestions for treatment?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you talking about uterin fibroids? If so they really don’t know what causes them. There are a few types of treatment most are very invasive. I would visit your OB/GYN and speak with them.
      Good luck

    Irregular Monthly Bleeding?
    I’m 16 years old. Recently, I started to have irregular monthly bleeding. It is already more than 2 weeks, but it hasn’t stopped yet, and I’m really worried. There are some blood clots at the beginning, but now it has become a light red in colour. The blood is not heavy, and it comes little by little. I’ve googled the possible causes, which includes cervical cancer, abnormal uterine bleeding, hormonal dysfunction etc. I don’t know what to do. Please help me!

    • ANSWER:

    Can someone please tell me how the two relate??
    I was reading up on line the different causes of abnormal vaginal/uterine bleeding, and I saw under symptoms that constipation is one of the causes? There was no explainaiton of this, it was just listed. Has anyone ever heard that, and if so, what would that mean, that there is some kinda of excessive pressure from a bowel obstruction?

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t think this is one of the cause, but u can say that symtons of mensuration condition

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