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Natural Cure For Fibroids

Natural Cures for fibroids – Natural Foods To Help Shrink and cure Fibroids

Early detection of uterine fibroids is beneficial to cure women suffering from it simply because fibroids natural cure could be actually available right at their homes, and they can make use of these to prevent the progress of the condition. These natural cure will greatly help lessen or relieve the pain of the fibroid symptoms and may even stop its growth.

But first, what really is a uterine fibroid? Fibroids or myomas (as it is commonly known to people) are non-malignant tumors growing in the uterus thought to be partly caused by an excessive amount of estrogen produced by the body. Usually, women in their 20s to 40s suffer from this ailment. Fibroid symptoms include excessive menstrual bleeding coupled with tenderness, bloating, frequent urination, and pain during sexual intercourse. The level of discomfort varies based from the size, number, and location of the fibroids themselves.

For cure (natural or non natural), aside from surgery and medications available, women can turn to their kitchen for fibroids natural cures. Below are some of the foods to help shrink fibroids that a fibroid patient can use to alleviate her symptoms and shrink those fibroids.

* Natural Legumes (fiber-rich food).

These foods help flush out wastes and toxins from the body and helps remove fibroids naturally. Legumes are excellent fibroids natural cures. They also contain copper and zinc that are very important when a woman is having a heavy flow during her period. Examples of these foods are: pinto beans, lima beans, lentils, black beans and kidney beans. More so, sprouted natural beans are a good source of phytoestogens that help lower estrogen levels in the body.

* Natural  Soybeans.

Soybeans contain bioflavonoids that are very helpful in lowering the levels of estrogen in the uteru and help remove fibroids naturally. Examples of soybean-derived food products are tofu and soymilk.

* Natural  Dark leafy veggies.

Dark leafy vegetables are excellent natural cure for fibroids. These vegetables are good sources of Vitamin A, C, and E; as well as fiber that are very important in controlling the excess estrogen in a woman’s body. Furthermore, dark leafy vegetables also contain iron. Iron-rich foods help in replacing the iron eliminated in the body during a heavy menstrual bleeding and are excellent foods to help shrink fibroids. Good sources of iron are kale, spinach and broccoli.

* Natural  Fresh fruits are a good source of fiber.

The oranges, bananas and strawberries on your table are a good source of magnesium, potassium and calcium and it’s one of the best remedies for cure the bloating.

* Natural  Fish Oils.

Fish contains essential fatty acids. Salmon, tuna and mackerel is a good source of the very important Omega3 to cure. On the contrary, avoid animal fats, as these are estrogen lovers.

* Natural  Whole grains, nuts and seeds are also good sources of fiber and Vitamin E.

* Natural  Herbal Teas.

Spices and herbs are generally used as herbal teas. They are often said to have medicinal properties and cure various ailments related to fibroids. Some of these useful natural herbs are ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, yarrow, cinnamon, nettles, yam, and willow. In addition, milk thistle, artichoke extract, dandelion, calendula, damania and thuja are some herbs labeled as effective in shrinking fibroids

* Seaweeds (Particularly Arame)

Seaweeds can be used as foods to help shrink and cure fibroids because it contains phytohormones that normalizes menopausal symptoms.

Try using some of these fibroids natural cures to alleviate your symptoms and help to remove fibroids naturally. They often work best when combined with other natural strategies to shrink fibroids.

If you would like to see more information on treating fibroids and the foods to help shrink fibroids then there is a guaranteed system which can really make a difference.

About the Author:
For further details, please visit Fibroids Natural Cures.

Fibroids Miracle, the natural system I recommend was written by a nutritionalist (who is a former sufferer herself) and includes 3 months one to one expert email support. It is the perfect solution for women who are prepared to take charge of their own healing and make the necessary changes.

Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Fibroids-Natural-Cures—Foods-To-Help-Shrink-Fibroids-/2162589

Frequently Asked Questions

    Has anyone tried any natural cures for Uterine Fibroids? & Did it really work?
    I am concerned that I may have uterine fibroids. My period has changed signifcantly from my norm of 3 days of light bleeding to 1 day of spotting, 2 days of very heavy bleeding (leaking through super plus tampon ever 2 hours), 2 days of regular bleeding and another 2 days of spotting for a total of 7 days now. My period has also changed from every 28 days to every 26 days. Each month my period has gotten longer and heavier. My mother had fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It is my understanding fibroids are hereditary. I would like to know about natural obtainable cures that actually work.

    • ANSWER:
      i suffer from uterine fibroids, as did my mother, older sister, and 4 of my 1st cousins. one natural cure that i saw and only used once was Cheyenne pepper. one teaspoon at nite in a full glass of water. it is a very hot nasty taste. i battled fibroids for maybe 10 yrs. before i ended up in the er with hemorrhage. i didn’t have a hysterectomy. i had a myomectomy. they cut the fibroid off the outside of my uterus. i have a cut from my naval down, i was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work for 6 wks. the 1st 2 periods were bad and then the were great, but that only can last 6 yrs, its been 8 for me, I’m now starting to have problems again. I’m 48 now and if i have to be cut again i will just have the hysterectomy. a co-worker had a myomectomy, and she went on to have 2 full-term healthy babies. i considered my age at the time. you can get a book of home remedies at a major book store, try some of what you may find in them. good luck! in short do what’s best for you and your lifestyle. you have to live with the results.
    Natural cures for fibroids.?
    Has anyone tried a natural cure for fibroids without having surgery?And if so what was it,and did it work.

    • ANSWER:
      When I owned an herb store, several customers got good results from using products with Red Root in them. Works pretty quickly to shrink the uterine fibroids and breast cysts, alleviate symptoms. It doesn’t cure them, I don’t think, and the treatment must be repeated when they flare up.Here is one product: http://www.herbsetc.com/Shopping/l/lymphatonic.htm or you can just take the red root extract by itself.Fibroids are made worse by oral contraceptives and high estrogen levels.Some other herbs known to help shrink them are: Violet leaves, Black Cohosh and Thuja. For pain, use Cramp Bark. For bleeding, use Shepherd’s Purse. Many women find the fibroids go away after menopause.
    Does anybody knows a natural cure for fibroids, only serious answers please?
    I have fibroids and they are very big, my GYN doctors prescribed 6 months of Lupron they help a little bit but the fibroids are growing back, does any body know any natural cure for fibroids, I will appreciate it

    • ANSWER:
      There are a few things that you can try.Vitex
      Vitex is one of the most widely known women’s herbs.
      researchers believe that vitex works by regulating the pituitary gland,the one that tells other glands how much of each hormone to make.
      The hormone in question here is estrogen,on which vitex has a regulating effect.
      Vitex needs to be taken for 6 months for it’s full benefits to be felt.
      An alternative practitioner typical dosage prescription would be any where from 2,000 to 5,000 milligrammes in capsules per day,or one to two dropperfuls of tincture 2 times per day.
      Caution-to not take during pregnancy,and Vitex can also lesson the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.Dietary supplements
      To help shrink fibroids,try taking the following supplements once daily for 3 to 4 months.
      Vitamin C: 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams
      Selenium: 400 micrograms and Zinc: 30 milligrams.Uterine fibroid tea.
      This tea combines hormone balancing herbs with those that ease cramps.
      2 teaspoons vitex
      1 teaspoon black cohosh root
      half teaspoon dandelion root
      half teaspoon prickly ash bark
      quarter teaspoon cramp bark
      quarter teaspoon cinnamon bark
      4 cups of water.
      Combine the herbs and water and bring to the boil.
      lower heat and allow tea to simmer for a few minutes.
      Remove from the heat and steep for 20 minutes.
      Strain and drink at least 2 cups a day for 3 to 4 months.When you have a bath,you can add several drops of rosemary,lavender,or juniper essential oils to stimulate pelvic circulation.You could also try a castor oil pack
      The skin absorbs warm castor oil’s active constituents,lectins,which stimualate the immune response to help shrink fibroids.
      Five drops of essential can also be added to a castor oil pack to encourage relaxation.
      to make a pack,soak a clean cloth in castor oil,then place it on the abdomen or on any painful areas.
      Cover the cloth with plastic wrap,then another clean cloth.
      Then apply a heat sorce-A hot water bottle,a heating pad,a cloth bag of lentils,corn,or rice that has been microwaved for a few minutes.
      Leave on for about an hour.red raspberry
      This herb is useful if your fibroids cause excessive bleeding during menstruation.
      herbalists believe that it gradually improves the tone of the uterus.
      A typical dosage would be 1 to 2 cup of tea 2 or 3 times a day.
      (steep 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes).
      Caution- If you are or think you might be pregnant,use only under the supervision of an experienced practioner.Also in traditional chinese medicine,it is believed that taking milk thistle can also help.
      I hope I was of some help and I hope that you are feeling alot better real soon.
      Take care.
    what natural way can I get rid of my fibroids?
    Natural cures for uterus fibroids

    • ANSWER:
    what is a natural cure for uterine fibroids?

    • ANSWER:
      http://www.fibroid101.com/Read this and maybe it will assist you!!!


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Apple Cider Vinegar For Fibroids

Apple Cider Vinegar and fibroids

Although natural apple cider vinegar and the cure for fibroids are thought to be related with each other, yet there is no scientific evidence that supports the improvement of fibroids, so we can not say it is a nature cure for the disease. It is just an urban myth. Also, we have no proofs that apple cider vinegar is an effective cure of yeast infections.

Cider is a natural beverage that is obtained by the fermentation (microbial decomposition of a substance) of apple juice. It is considered as one of the most popular fermented beverage of North America. Cider vinegar is a type of vinegar obtained from apple cider. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is deemed as multi-purpose tool and is supposed to be instrumental in a number of ailments. For instance, apple cider vinegar is believed to be helpful in shrinking fibroids. Similarly apple cider vinegar is thought to be a cure of yeast infection.

As mentioned above, there is no concrete scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of natural apple cider vinegar to cure fibroids, candidiasis (yeast infections) etc. On the other hand, it is also true that it has been in use for quite a long period of time for fibroids. It has been in operation since ancient Greeks. These people and many more had employed it for the treatment of a number of diseases. Now the question arises that why these people were using it, if it wasn’t effective?? Why it had been in the annals of the history for a sufficiently long period of time?? These facts indirectly indicates somewhat effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for various ailments like yeast infections etc.

Regarding the chemical composition of apple cider vinegar, it includes a lot of valuable ingredients. It includes minerals, proteins etc for the reason that it is a fermented product. Being fermented creation, it is considered as an ideal candidate for the treatment of yeast infections.

If natural apple cider vinegar is to be used for the treatment of yeast infections (or fibroids), it should be in unprocessed and undistilled form. It really proves to be up to the mark in this way. A good number of people consider Braggs apple cider vinegar an ideal option. It is organic, raw, unpasteurized and unheated. Also, it has proven its worth with the passage of time. It is completely reliable and can easily be obtained from any beverages outlet.

It can be used in various ways. You can either drink it or you can use it directly on the affected area.  When it is to be used for drinking purpose, you should make an appropriate mixture of ACV and water. This is because it is necessary to dilute its ACV so that it may not harm you, instead of giving benefits, if any. Drink this mixture at least two times a day. When using it directly on the skin, you can either use a douche bag or you can sit in a bath for 30 minutes.

These days more and more people are using natural apple cider vinegar  it for the cure of fibroids or other diseases. You can only be assured of its performance, if it has successfully dealt with the causes of your ailment, besides curing the disease.


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Fibroids Pregnancy Symptoms

Uterine Fibroid Symptoms and Kinds

Can I Get Pregnant With Fibroids?-Will Fibroids Stop Pregnancy

If you have fibroids and are wanting to get pregnancy or add a baby to your existing family, you may be wondering “Can I get pregnant with fibroids?”. It is only natural that if you have a foreign body in your uterus that you will wonder about the potential impact on your fertility.

Most women with fibroids symptoms will conceive normally and go on to have an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. However, there is no doubt that having fibroids can impact negatively on a minority of women and it is believed that fibroids can be the cause of some cases of so called “unexplained fertility”.

The size, type and location of your fibroids can be the main deciding factor as to whether or not they are likely to affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Larger fibroids are more likely to be problematic, although some women with very large fibroids can have a normal pregnancy, seemingly unaffected. Larger fibroids which are located near to the cervix can sometimes partially or wholly block off the opening, thus preventing the normal passage of sperm. Higher up in the uterus, fibroids can sometimes block off the entrance to the fallopian tubes and this means that the sperm simply cannot reach the egg.

You may also be thinking, “Can I get pregnant with fibroid degeneration which are not inside the uterus?”. Fibroids which are located in the uterine cavity will have less of an impact. However, those which grow within the lining of the womb (submucosal fibroids) can sometimes distort the shape and size of the uterine cavity and prevent implantation or cause a very early miscarriage.

Having fibroids or fibroid degeneration it is a sign that your body is out of balance. If you are hoping to become pregnant, it is probably not the right time to consider surgical procedures or hormonal treatments (could be not good for pregnancy), both of which could impact adversely on your chances of becoming pregnant. However, you may wish to consider using natural treatments to shrink your fibroids, which can actually enhance your health and your overall well-being.

If you would like to see details of a completely natural, tried and tested treatment for fibroids which has had enormous success worldwide, please visit Fibroids and Pregnancy. The 7 Step Plan contains comprehensive answers to the question, “Can I get pregnant with fibroids” and will help you to minimize any impact on your pregnancy whilst improving your overall health.

About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms for pregnancy.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/can-i-get-pregnant-with-fibroidswill-fibroids-stop-pregnancy-1338215.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    Early Pregnancy symptoms?
    Details: Had a normal period on Feb 13th (was on mini pill) stopped taking pill 3 weeks later around 6th Mar (due to bad side effects). Had unprotected sex with partner around 13th March then had a light 4 day period from 17th Mar. Practiced withdrawal method since…however the last two weeks I have not felt good at all. Really tired, sex has been very painful deep inside,sore lower abdomen, I have been getting headaches, having nightmares, peeing a lot, moody, spotty, bloated, windy, heavy boobs…and the last two days I have woke up with lower back ache and constipation. Did a test (neg) been looking on net at what else can cause symptoms…fibroids, cysts, ovarian cancer etc…got myself really worried. Can’t get to docs till tuesday. I know it could be period due but the symptoms I usually get are moody and loose bowels only. Could it be symptoms of coming off pill? I am really worrying that it is something more sinister. Has anyone else been like this before period was due?
    Thank you Eddy…I had wonderd if it could be an infection…although I shower each day and usually after sex also…I am probaby over hygenic..using wet wipes etc…

    • ANSWER:
    pregnancy symptoms…negative results….?
    Just a recap on my symptoms: constant nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness.
    negative test results, period last week, but wondering if there is still a chance?!
    ive been pregnant once before and felt this way. had a miscarraige at 10 wks….but i have 1 fibroid, a very tiny one…can fibroids cause these symptoms?
    any insight?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a period, most def. not pregnant.Unfortunately, those symptoms could be anything, including just getting sick. If I had to place a bet, I think you’re catching the flu.Fibroids wouldn’t cause all of those symptoms though.
    PLEASE READ!! Pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks no normal flow for 2 months!!?
    i’ve was taking bcp (21 days) for 6 years but last few months had not been good with timing & been ill but i’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for 9 weeks now increased cm (kind of milky white sorry tmi!), sore veiny boobs, crampy, bloated (trousers tighter), heartburn, low back ache & feeling sick but not being sick, hips have started to ache and have become very veiny… i was due to have period on the 16th Dec (had cramps like was going to start for two days) but on the 13th Dec v. light spotting started this lasted 2-3 days & went from brown to very watery pink… my normal flow is very heavy with lots of clotting and still hadn’t shown so knew that pregnancy was still possible, i got 2nd faint + (within time limit) on 31st so went to the doctors & he then took me off bcp to see if ‘normal’ period would resume i haven’t taken it since 30th & started to spot on 31st December but not heavy (same as last) 5 or 6 days in all but barely on & off (my doc said that i may have this even if i am pregnant as withdrawrel from taking the pill) i went to the doc for a quantative test & i got the results Friday 11th which were negative my doc has booked me in for a ultrasound on the 28th (does anyone know what kind of u/s it will be) as still having all symptoms of pregnancy and faint positives on home test I feel different & I know that things like a molar pregnancy you experience high levels of hcg and other symptoms that i dont have and a phantom pregnancy would not produce excess cm and other symptoms! Over the last few days my tummy has also got a raised bump which now meets my belly & never used to just above the pubic bone which is much bigger by the end of the day & my boobs are suddenly huge!! Please reply if i am i would be 9 weeks Friday but not even sure about that as also had a funny period in October and read on askbaby.com that it’s at 12 weeks your uterus starts to come out of your pelvis but I was only 8 ½ stone before all this but I’ve suddenly grown a bit of a belly I am eating like a pig at the moment but that’s because I’m always so hungry!! I’m also craving weird things (for me anyway) CHERRYADE of all things!WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE THOUGH?? What could cause these symptoms what else could make me feel this way! If I’ve had a miscarriage without knowing why would I still be growing !! can cysts / fibroids / hormone imbalance really cause all my symptoms!!(not ttc or crazy and bf read the positive home tests results too and doc!!) Latest pregnancy test was barely positive which was yesterday but digital said not pregnant!
    So my main question is how many women have experienced this and have they still had a healthy pregnancy ??? if I am pregnant would be a very happy accident but just scared of what else it could be!!

    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      When you first get pregnant, your hcg levels are low. What the doc looks for is an increase in the levels over a period of time. The ultrasound you will probably have will probably be a transvaginal ultrasound. They insert this thin tool into your vagina so they can see your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes very clearly. Are you having any pain in your abdomen? A tubal pregnancy can cause all of your symptoms (viable pragnancy, but in your fallopian tube.) Tubal pregnancies are dangerous for you because they can cause your fallopian tube to rupture. However, you usually have pain first.
      there are alot of different things that could cause these symptoms from a simple hormone imbalance to cysts to (God forbid) cancer. You are doing the right thing by pushing the issue with your doc. Don’t let him/her say, “You’re not pregnant. Go home.” If you feel different, then there is something different going on in your body! Try not to worry and go to your ultrasound appointment.
    Early pregnancy symptoms, but negative hpt tests. Could I still be pregnant?
    Last period March 12, sex on March 22, should have ovulated around March 25-27 (period is every 29 days).A few days after I started feeling very tired alot, and like I was having hot flashes and heart racing sometimes.April 1, woke up with the worst period like cramps, swore I was gonna get my period, started spotting but nothing more than spotting, getting nausea (no vomiting), and pain in lower back, hips and in legs. It is still happening. I am not due for my period until April 9th. My period is always on time, and I have never had any pre-period cramping, nausea, back pain, etc. before. I only ever get bad cramping the first day or two of my period.

    Today out of frustration from the symptoms and cramping not easing up I went to my nearest urgent care clinic. The doctor looked at my symptoms and said he would do a urine pregnancy test. I told him I had already done one yesterday and it had come out negative and asked if he could do a blood test, since I have been reading that is more accurate. He said he didn’t see the point. He never even asked me when my last period was or calculated when I might have ovulated. I did the urine pregnancy test and it came back negative. He went on to tell me I probably have PCOS or Fibroids and that I could have problems getting pregnant???? I’m not sure how he came to this conclusion. I just had a physical in February and was told all was ok there based on my pap results. But I feel completed stressed out and frustrated by everything from today.

    What I am wondering, is if my period is not due until April 9th (this coming Friday) is it possible that I might actually be pregnant and the HCG hormone just isn’t showing up yet? Or is there no chance of me being pregnant at all?
    Thanks so much for all the quick responses.

    I should’ve mentioned before, because I was so shocked to get what I thought was my period so early, I had googled “early period” to see why I would be getting my period so early because I was worried it was there was something wrong with me – the only thing that came up was “early pregnancy symptoms – implantation bleeding”.

    Sorry, I should have clarified before that the doctor I had today was not my primary care doctor, he was the on-call doctor at the urgent care clinic.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible with pregnancy and HcG isn’t strong enough. However, you don’t typically get symptoms 9 days after sex.
      Your best bet is to wait until you actually miss your period; if you miss it.
      Stress will delay your period so until then, just don’t even think about it.
    uterine fibroids and pregnancy?
    i have all the symptoms of uterine fibroids and my husband and i have been ttc for 6 months now with no luck…could this be why??

    • ANSWER:
      If you think you have uterine fibroids, see a doctor about it before continuing to TTC.I’ve been having some medical issues (seriously heavy periods, pain in my right ovary). I was going through the “let’s see what this is” period and scheduling for surgery when I got pregnant again. I lost the baby. Uterine fibroids were one of the reasons given as a possible cause for the miscarriage.I’m now on birth control (which we do not like and which I do not want to be on at all). I am going in for surgery in a couple of weeks (partial exploratory to see if I have any growths in my uterus, and a removal of the cyst with the potential removal of the whole right ovary).

      This is something that could not only keep you from getting pregnant, but could cause you to lose a baby if you do get pregnant. I would wait until I got the all clear from a doctor to continue TTC… in a way, that’s what we’re doing now.

      Good luck.


Jul 10

Signs And Symptoms Of Uterine Fibroids

GE Healthcare-Product Features-GE Healthcare-Product Technology-MR ...

Signs And Symptoms Of Uterine Fibroids – Do I Have Them?

If you have small fibroids, you may not ever be aware of them. However, if you have noticed a couple of unusual symptoms in and around your abdomen you may have that niggling feeling that something is not quite right and you may be wondering what the signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids are.

Firstly, although you may be able to get a good idea whether or not you have fibroids by checking your symptoms against the list below, you should always get a proper diagnosis from your doctor to confirm this as although fibroids are rarely dangerous, there is always the slight chance that it is not fibroids causing your problem, but something more serious.

1. Bleeding between periods and heavier periods

This can have various causes, including fibroids causing blockages which can cause a backup of blood flow which seems heavy when released. Sometimes fibroids can also cause congestion within the blood vessels of the uterus, which can cause erratic blood flow. Lastly, fibroid growth can cause an increase in the size and number of blood vessels in the uterus which results in a greater supply of blood generally.

2. Pain

Pain and discomfort are often the most worrying signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids. Around a third of women with fibroids will report this and it is varies from women to women depending on how many fibroids they have, their location and how large they are, along with their pain tolerance levels. Larger fibroids can put pressure on other internal organs which can cause problems or sometimes, if the blood supply becomes disrupted, this can cause the fibroid to die and the degeneration can cause painful symptoms.

3. Pressure

Many women report a feeling of pressure from their fibroids. This varies depending on how large the fibroids are. Many women will liken the feeling to being similar to a growing pregnancy.

4. Bloating and Fullness

As fibroids enlarge, this often becomes noticeable on the outside, as your abdomen might enlarge quite significantly. Although these signs and symptoms are not dangerous, they can often cause discomfort and a tightening waistband is often the trigger which makes many of us take action!

5. Painful Intercourse

Fibroids which are low down in the uterus can cause discomfort during intercourse

6. Urinary Problems

Fibroids which press down on the bladder can cause incomplete bladder emptying and and increase in urinary urgency. This can lead to incontinence.

7. Fertility Issues

There are several problems which can be linked with fibroids. Sometimes, the location can block the passage of sperm through the cervix or into the fallopian tubes. Implantation can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the fibroids are large or located under the womb lining, causing distortion. Fibroids can also be responsible for early miscarriages and pre-term labor.

8. Depression

For some women, some of the secondary signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids are depression and unhappiness which are often caused by the response to the other primary signs.

The good news is that these signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids can be completely eliminated by using natural treatments. If you are prepared to take charge of your own healing, a number of these issues can be solved within days, with actual shrinkage happening within weeks.

Written by a former fibroid sufferer, the system you are about to see is, quite simply, groundbreaking, and I am confident that you will feel relief that you have finally found something that will genuinely help you get rid of your fibroids.

About the Author:
If you would like to see further information on how a natural treatment could be your best option, please visit How To Get Rid Of Fibroids.

Although the system is easy to follow, one of the best features is the outstanding, 3 months one-to-one email support offered by the author which means that if you have any specific, individual concerns about your own signs and symptoms of uterine fibroids, they will be quickly addressed.

Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Signs-And-Symptoms-Of-Uterine-Fibroids—Do-I-Have-Them–/1147001

Frequently Asked Questions

    Hmm, wondering if these are signs of conception?
    Read a couple websites about symptoms, but just felt like asking for past experiences.
    First day of last period was June 21, had sex every other day thru fertile days of July 1st thru the 5th, and hips elevated for 30 min. after.
    I do also have 2 small uterine fibroids so I was told by my doctor that although those are common and not a huge deal, they make conceiving harder?
    Breasts were super sensitive and kind of sore the 10th thru 12th. Got period-like cramps the 16th and 17th, but no period. Brown spotting the past 2 days with a mild cramp here or there (could just be the start of period?) but no bleeding yet, and for the past 5 days I have gotten up like 6 times in the night to have to pee (I thought maybe I had UTI)
    Just gonna wait and see if I get my period, but just thought I’d ask you ladies who have had these symptoms before

    • ANSWER:
      Your fertile days were probably the 5th and 6th of July. SO hopefully you ovulated on one of those days and there was sperm there to fertilize. Right now your are probably implanting that is what the spotting could be from since your next period is still a few days away. Your best time to test would be on the 28th which is one week past. Good Luck I hope you get the answer you were looking for.
    Connection between ovarian cyst and fibroid?
    an ultrasound i has found a ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. i am having another ultrasound next week to check the cyst again. if it ends up being something serious like cancer is the fibroid a sign that it could have spread to the uterus or are fibroids all together different? i have just been feeling so blah lately and have this bad feeling that something is really wrong, at the same time i think it these feelings might just be nerves and all be put on by anxiety. i initially went to the doctor for back pain and had a ct scan that led to a ultrasound led to this. I never really put all the symptoms together until now so i haven’t discussed them with the doctor. i looked up the symptoms for ovarian cancer and i have all of them. i am newly separated from m y husband and am now scared of what i will do if i do end up having cancer. i feel like if i go to the doctor now and say i have all these symptoms i will sound like i am just making them up from reading on it. what is the best thing to take for indigestion and bloating? i have tried tums and prilosec and midol but nothing is helping anymore

    • ANSWER:
      No one can answer your specific question. You will need to go back to your doctor, be honest with him and tell him exactly what you are experiencing and how you feel. Let him examine you and come to his own conclusions.
    connection between ovarian cyst and fibroid?
    an ultrasound i has found a ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid. i am having another ultrasound next week to check the cyst again. if it ends up being something serious like cancer is the fibroid a sign that it could have spread to the uterus or are fibroids all together different? i have just been feeling so blah lately and have this bad feeling that something is really wrong, at the same time i think it these feelings might just be nerves and all be put on by anxiety. i initially went to the doctor for back pain and had a ct scan that led to a ultrasound led to this. I never really put all the symptoms together until now so i haven’t discussed them with the doctor. i looked up the symptoms for ovarian cancer and i have all of them. i am newly separated from m y husband and am now scared of what i will do if i do end up having cancer. i feel like if i go to the doctor now and say i have all these symptoms i will sound like i am just making them up from reading on it. what is the best thing to take for indigestion and bloating? i have tried tums and prilosec and midol but nothing is helping anymore.

    • ANSWER:
      An ovarian cyst is a fluid sack attached to your one of your ovaries and a fibroid is a solid. Most fibroids are small growths of knotty connective tissue that develop in different ways and are almost always benign. Fibroids are common with women and in some cases hereditary. They can be extremely painful even though benign and cause many problems. You will get tremendous relief once they are removed. They sometime come back thought


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