Endometrial Fibroid

> normal endometrial stripe …” width=”128″ height=”200″ /> Natural Cures For Endometrial Cancer Endometrial cancer begins in the endometrium of the womb or uterus. The endometrium is the fine inner lining of the uterus. This type of cancer mainly affects women who are 55 years or older. Experts do not really know what causes this […]

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Endometrial Fibroids

Endometrial Polyp: A Closer Look Into It Endometrial polyps are also called uterine polyps. These are small growths that grow very slowly in the lining of the uterus. They have a large flat base and they are attached to the uterus through an elongated pedicle. They can be round or oval in shape and they […]

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Endometrial Ablation Fibroids

Endometrial Ablation Is The Management Of Ovarian Cysts Conventional surgical treatment of ovarian cysts (endometriomas) involving access to the ovaries through an abdominal incision or by laparoscopy for drainage of the cyst contents and removal of the cyst membrane or wall. The procedure has some disadvantages, but generally gives good results. Normal ovarian tissue is […]

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