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What Causes Fibroids To Bleed

Spotting During Menopause r There are many signs and symptoms of menopause and one of the main concerns that women have when they are going through menopause is spotting during menopause and is it normal or not. Well, to an extent menopause spotting is normal, after all your body is changing from going to have […]

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Fibroid Cause

Uterine Fibroids During Pregnancy – Are You Pregnant With A Fibroid? If you have fibroids and thinking about starting a family, you may be wondering about the effects of uterine fibroids during pregnancy. Although there can be consequences, most women who are pregnant with fibroid tumors have successful pregnancies. However, being prepared and having some […]

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Do Fibroids Cause Bleeding

Do you Experience Heavy Bleeding During Periods? Do you Experience Heavy Bleeding during Periods? Are you experiencing fatigue, anemia or embarrassing accidents due to your heavy bleeding, during your periods? Do you avoid travelling or getting out of your home, due to excessive bleeding? Does your excessive bleeding cause you to miss your social activities, […]

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