Procedure Used To Treat Fibroids

Ob-gyn coding: Don’t use an unlisted-procedure in place of modifier 22 Is it ok to go ahead with an unlisted-procedure in place of modifier 22? The answer is no, you should not use an unlisted-procedure code instead of modifier 22. Some coders take 00004000 this route because they realize the payer must manually review such […]

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Treat Fibroids

Treat Fibroids Naturally – My Personal Experience of Nature Cure For Uterine Fibroid Treatment Are you looking to seek advice from alternate medicine practitioners to shrink fibroids naturally? Does the prospect of surgery for removing fibroids make you nervous? Do you want to give nature cure a chance before resorting to surgical treatment for uterine […]

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How To Treat Fibroids Naturally

How To Treat Fibroids Naturally With Foods Fibroids are a very common condition. Indeed, most women who have fibroids probably never really know as they have few or no symptoms. However, for a number of women, the situation couldn’t be more different, with debilitating symptoms and little hope of a conventional cure. This may well […]

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