embolisation of uterine fibroids

Embolisation Of Fibroids

What is Uterine Fibroids Embolization? Uterus tumor is non-harmful tumor caused by abnormal growth of uterus wall. This growth is the result from 1 body hormone enhancement and it can vary in size from one inch to more than ten inches long. The tumor can be divided into three type which are: 1. tumor in […]

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Uterine Fibroid Embolisation

Uterine Fibroids – What to Do Uterine growths can be either harmless or dangerous. Harmless growths or benign growths are non-cancerous and does not pose a threat. One such uterine growth is a polyp of the cervix. Another benign growth is a uterine fibroid though it can still cause annoying problems such as bleeding. The […]

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