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Managing Fibroid Pain Naturally

Do you have fibroids? If so, you probably feel ju 00004000 st like I did a couple of years ago! I was overwhelmingly relieved that the swelling in my abdomen, the bloating and heavy bleeding weren’t something more sinister, but very frustrated that the treatment options outlined by my doctor were totally inadequate.

Managing fibroid pain naturally is entirely possible, yet my doctor initially advised me to do nothing about my fibroids as they would miraculously “disappear” when I hit the menopause.

Great! I was only in my mid-thirties, with the menopause what seemed like a lifetime away and yet here I was with symptoms which were really spoiling the quality of my life. He seemed to have no real concept of the fact that I was in great discomfort and pain for much of the time and that my fibroids were stopping me doing things I previously enjoyed. For example, I could no longer run, as I leaked urine and felt tired all the time due to anemia.

I went back to my doctors as I couldn’t go on. He outlined various surgical options which sounded reasonable on the face of it but when I investigated further, I was horrified to realize that these were not permanent solutions and that unless something was done to get rid of the root causes of the fibroids, they would regrow even after surgery!

Eventually, after much searching I used natural methods to manage my fibroids which, over the course of a few months reduced in size significantly. I also found that within the system were simple methods for managing fibroid pain naturally and it was often the simple things which really worked well for me.

I found that exercise was one of the keys to help ease my discomfort. I couldn’t do a great deal due to my anemia, but a brisk walk each day really began to help. Also, I found gentle stretching exercises to be beneficial.

One of my favorite methods of pain relief for my fibroids was using heat therapy-in various forms. A good soak in a hot bath could really help and at certain times of the month when the pain was particularly bad, I would take a hot water bottle or heat pad to bed to lay on my abdomen.

Another way of managing fibroid pain naturally is to use gentle massage. Always soothing, massage can also help to increase the blood flow to the uterine area which in turn helps to relieve blood congestion which is a contributory factor in fibroid growth.

Of course, if you are a fibroid sufferer, the very best thing you can do for yourself is to explore ways of shrinking fibroids naturally and there are effective ways in which this can be done, providing you are prepared to put in some effort and take control of your own healing.

Please visit my website for further information about managing fibroid pain naturally and to see a tried and tested method to shrink fibroids naturally


About the author: Having suffered from very large fibroids herself, Bernadette was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy when she decided to try an alternative treatment to shrink fibroids naturally. Success followed, and she enjoys recommending this method to other women so they can be free of the symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Would having fibroid tumors affect how fertility monitors read the increase in estrogen and LH surge?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a large fibroid and it never effected my fertility monitor or my bloodwork screenings for LH and e2, but I am not sure if multiple tumors would cause issues.

    what causes fibroid & does it affect fertility.?
    before i conceived, i was diagnose of uterus fibroid later after some treatment, i conceived but sometimes i still feel pains during & after menstral period. now i am nursing & does not menstrate is it because of this dianosis?

    • ANSWER:
      Fibroids can cause very painful and heavy periods. They very rarely, if ever are cancerous. They can grow to a very large size and can be the reason why a lot of woman have hysterectomies. Sometimes they will strink once menopause sets in, and sometimes they won’t. If your fibroids are causing you trouble and you know for sure you have a fibroid, then see your Gynecologist. With all the medicines available, no woman should have to tolerate extreme pain or heavy bleeding during ‘that time’ of the month.

    My doctor suspect i have uterine fibroid and i will go for a scAn to cofirm that tommorow?
    He said if the size is big and will affect my fertility a sugery woul be carried to remove it. What are my chances of making babies if the fibroid is removed. Anybody with a similar situation who has had successful birth after sugery. Friends tell me something am very worried and would not want anything to affect my chances of having my own babies.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t worry at all.. If you have a big fibroid it needs to come out because it puts you at great rick of not being able to carry a baby to full term or miscarriage that is what I was told by my RE doctor.
      I understand how scared you must feel but trust me if they have to they will remove it and you will heal and be back on baby making duties.
      My RE said that you need a nice smooth uterus for a baby to plant on and I asked the RE if it will effect me having a baby and I was told NO.
      So don’t worry I know easier said than done my body has been picked and probed and repaired for a baby. These are the things we must do to make sure we have healthy pregnancy’s it could even be nothing for you.
      Baby Dust in 2008.

    Should i tell my friends and family i am having fertility problems?
    We have been TTC for 7 months now and i have since been told i have PCOS and that i have a small fibroid on my uterus. My periods are USUALLY between 35-40 days. I am recently married so everywhere i go i get asked if my husband and i are going to have kids soon. It is getting increasingly harder to answer the question knowing that it might not be easy for us. Does anyone have any tips on this? Should I lie and tell them we are NOT trying or should i be honest and tell them we are trying but are having problems?

    • ANSWER:
      You don’t need to tell them the details. Just tell them that, for personal reasons, that is a subject you’d rather not discuss at the moment. If anyone is rude enough to press for details, then ask them to please respect your decision because it’s none of their business.

      It took seven years for my wife and I to conceive. I understand what you’re going through and wish you the very best.

    bocked fallopian tube surgery and fibroid removal?
    Hi There , we have been TTC for over a year for our second baby( i am 33) and had lupus after my first child. so far no luck. I went to see a fertility dr and everything looked normal meaning no sign of infertility or incompatibility with my husband. But the are suspecting a blocked right tube and a fibroid less ~3cm.
    So the fertility dr would like to do a surgery to remove the fibroid and also see if he can open up the right tube. I see a naturopatic dr too and she had told me not to do the surgery due to scar tissue that can result from it .
    I am tottally worried, the next appt for surgery is coming up in 2 weeks( I canceled one in sept) I am trying to get a pre op appt. with the dr but the office wouldn’t give me. Please help and if you have any experience on this type of surgery give your 2 cents. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Not an expert, not experienced, but there are alternatives to invasive surgical removal of fibroids. There is a noninvasive (no incision, no surgery, no scars) ultrasound technique called ultrasound fibroid ablation. Essentially what this approach does is cut off blood supply to the fibroid, and the fibroid simply is reabsorbed by the body. It vanishes. As noted above, I am no expert, and this procedure may not be possible in the case of your particular fibroid.

      But here’s a link: You can also go to and search under fibroid ablation.

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