What Causes Fibroids In Women

  What causes fibroids in women?

The answer to the question “what is a fibroid” is that fibroids are benign tumors that are found in uterus. As these are benign tumors, they are not involved in any cancerous happenings. They consist of fibrous and glandular tissues. These are very common among females and are harmless. Mostly they are present in women whose ages are greater than 25. It is very rare to have these fibroids in young girls. They are more common in black women as compared to white ones. Black women have 50% more probability of having fibroids as compared to whites.

Regarding their size, they can be as small as pea and can be as large as pumpkin. Normally, fibroids are small and remain harmless. However, fibroids may become very large, weighing up to 35 pounds. These large-size fibroids can become complete source of nuisance.

The causes of fibroids are known to some unknown individuals. At present, no exact causes of fibroids are known. There are a number of factors are believed to be the cause of fibroids. Some of these are

  • Birth control pills
  • Obesity
  • Mental tension
  • Lack of balanced diet
  • Unhygienic dairy products

These are some of various aspects that are responsible for fibroids. The common thing about all these is that they are pro-estrogenic and estrogen is responsible for increasing the size of fibroids. Women keep on producing estrogen as long as they are menstruating. It is until and unless women reach menopause, production of fibroids doesn’t stops. It is because of this reason that no fibroids grown in post-menopausal women. Menopause means the end of menstruation and hence estrogen is produced no more. No estrogen means that there will be no increase in the size of fibroids.

Regardless of what causes fibroids in women, some appropriate method has to be adapted to dealing with this matter. There are varieties of schemes available for the treatments of fibroids such as hormonal therapy, surgery, herbal medicine etc. Hormonal therapy includes the usage of hormones that inhibit the production of estrogen. This method is effective but still it provides a transient solution. It is unable to prevent the repetition of fibroids and has various side-effects. The other method is the surgical removal of fibroids (myomectomy) or uterus (hysterectomy). Hysterectomy has the disadvantage that it renders the women infertile for the rest of her life. Besides these methods, alternative medicine has proven to be extremely successful in eliminating fibroids. Herbal treatment is one form of alternative medicine that is very efficient in treating various diseases. These medicines are also successful in shrinking fibroids. Fibroclear is one of these herbal medicines that can cope up with fibroids easily. It is a merger of nine different medicines, each of which has an anti-estrogenic mechanism of action. The combined outcome of all these herbs effectively shrinks fibroids. Also, vitex is another very effectual herb for the cure of fibroids. The biggest gain of this method is that it has no side-effects and it effectively prevents the recurrence of fibroids.


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