Subserosal Fibroids And Pregnancy

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How Do Fibroids Affect Pregnancy?-The Impact Of Uterine Fibroid Tumors

If you have fibroids and are contemplating have a baby, you may be wanting an answer to the question, “How do fibroids affect pregnancy?”. The truth is that there are a number of ways fibroids can impact upon various aspects of pregnancy, but the main thing to remember is that the majority of women who have fibroids will go on to have a successful conception, a healthy pregnancy and a straightforward delivery.

Fibroids affect a large proportion of the female population and in most cases, they go undetected. However, for a smaller number of women, fibroids cause terrible symptoms and these become of greater concern if you are hoping to start a family.

For some women though, things are not quite so simple. One common way how fibroids affect pregnancy is due to their size and location. If fibroids are situated close to the entrance of the fallopian tubes or the cervix, they can simply block the passage of sperm, particularly if they are large. If they are located within the uterus, larger fibroids (particularly subserosal) can distort the uterine cavity and this can cause implantation to fail or for a very early miscarriage to happen, even before the women knows she is pregnant. Later in pregnancy, fibroids can sometimes cause an early delivery, although in the majority of cases, this is usually close to term and will not harm the baby.

Also, fibroids affect pregnancy more rarely, by causing pain and bleeding during the middle trimester. Although this is rarely a serious problem, it can cause pain and many women may worry that they are losing the pregnancy. If this happens, you should seek advice and reassurance from your doctor.

It is worth knowing that fibroids rarely enlarge during pregnancy and will, in some cases, actually reduce in size. However, you may wish to take measures to reduce the size of them and their symptoms before conception.

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