Do Uterine Fibroids Cause Weight Gain

 Do uterine fibroids cause weight gain?

Fibroids are benign tumors that are developed in the uterus. They are non-cancerous. They are very common and most of time they don’t pose a serious threat. They are present in much older women and it is very rare that young girls have fibroids. Also non-Caucasian women have greater probability of developing fibroids. They range widely in size and number. Mostly, fibroids are innocuous but sometimes they can create complications.

The answer to the question “Do uterine fibroids cause weight gain” is somewhat affirmative for the reason that it is always not the case. Large-size fibroids can cause a significant increase in the weight of the abdomen. This weight gain depends on a number of factors such as genotype of the individual, symptoms of the fibroids etc.

As mentioned above, fibroids vary widely in size. They can be microscopic as well as macroscopic. Some fibroids are even so small that they don’t get noticed by the patient. These fibroids are absolutely non-problematic. The patient will come to know about these, when she would be having a diagnostic test for some other purpose. On the other hand, at times, fibroids become so large that they may fill the entire uterus. In such critical cases, hysterectomy becomes inevitable.

The biggest fibroid that has ever been reported was of 140 pounds. Although this was very rare, yet there are many instances when fibroids reached the weight of 50 pounds. Still this is very uncommon. Now, it isn’t rare for large-size fibroids to give a normal women that a look of six or seven month pregnant lady.

There are lots of misconceptions regarding large-size fibroids. One of these misbelieves include the one that these fibroids play a significant role in increasing the overall body weight. If truth is to be told, it is not very true. They don’t register any increment in the adipose tissue. They cause an increase in the weight of the abdomen and all of this increased weight is credited to them.

There are a lot of methods available for the treatment of fibroids. These include surgical as well as hormonal method.  Regardless of the method you choose, it should necessarily include a proper diet plan so that the size of fibroids remain in check.  Patients who have fibroids are supposed to avoid food item which can increase the size of fibroids.

Most importantly females should avoid the stuff that contains significant amount of xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that very much analogous to estrogens. In a food chain, smaller animals are being eaten by larger animals and this continues to maintain the hierarchy of ecosystem. Greater the rank of an animal in ecosystem, greater would be the amount of xenoestrogens in that animal. As humans are at the top of food chain, so we are exposed to xenoestrogens at the most.  Xenoestrogens play a significant role in increasing the size of fibroids. Patients who consume food, containing xenoestrogens have very high probability of developing fibroids. Red meat and dairy products that are obtained from organic sources contains high amounts of xenoestrogens and should be avoided.

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