Depo Lupron Fibroids

Depo-Lupron and fibroids

Fibroids are uterine growths that are not cancer-causing. These are benign tumors and are most of the times harmless. They are very much common among grown-up women. They range in size from microscopic to macroscopic. Sometimes they get so big that that even occupy the uterus completely.

There are no known exact causes of fibroids. A number of scientific evidences classify it as a family problem. But still there are no tangible proofs of this claim. Fibroids are less common in white women as compared to African and Asian women. Also, fibroids are developed after the age of 25 and above.

Most of the women that have fibroids usually have no complications. Even they are unaware of their presence. They get attentive to fibroids when they undergo some test. Generally, fibroids are not associated with any characteristic symptoms. Some of the commonly occurring symptoms include prolonged periods, pelvic pain, difficulty in urination etc. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that each and every woman that has fibroids should experience all of these symptoms.

Normally, fibroids don’t develop any intricacy. However, at times they may become a vehicle of bother. As mentioned above, large size fibroids serve as a severe headache. They can complicate the situation to an extent that hysterectomy becomes inevitable. Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of uterus that renders a woman infertile for the rest of her life. It is the last resort to save the life of women. Besides that fibroids may cause miscarriages, premature labor, placental abruption etc. But these cases are very much rare and normally fibroids aren’t involved in any type of troubles.

Regarding the detection of fibroids, physician manually examines the patient. If the physician feels that fibroids are present, he will recommend the patient for an ultrasound. It is very much identical to pregnancy test. The ultrasound report will confirm the presence or absence of fibroids.

There are a number of effective methods available for the treatment of fibroids. These include surgical as well as non- surgical methods. The chosen treatment method depends upon a number of factors. These include age, health, pregnancy etc of the women. For instance, if fibroids are causing prolonged and painful periods, then non-steroidal drugs like Naprosyn should be used. On the other hand, birth control pills are supposed to be used to control bleeding.

Depo-Lupron and fibroids make an appropriate combination. Depo-Lupron is a medication that can effectively shrink the size of fibroids. It causes temporary menopause and is sometimes used before surgery.  Like various other drugs, it is basically a hormonal therapy. It puts a limit on the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Lupron-shots for fibroids also include a number of side-effects. These are dryness in the vagina, hot flashes etc. Depo-Lupron makes smaller fibroids a bit arduous to discover. Also, it is responsible of making the separation of fibroids from the uterus complicated. Lupron-injections for fibroids are recommended only, if you are prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, they may prove detrimental.


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