Can Fibroids Burst

Can fibroids burst?

Fibroids are harmless tumors that get developed in the uterus of females. Due to their undamaging nature, they are not involved in any cancerous activities. They are small and are not caught up in any undesired activities, unlike malignant tumors. In very rare circumstances, they indirectly get coupled with some cancerous doings.

Fibroids are very common in females throughout the world. However, they are most usually found in African American women. Black women have 50% more probability of having fibroids as compared to Caucasians. They are most frequent in women who are older than 25 years. It is very rare to have fibroids in teenage girls. Women have reached menopause have absolutely no chances of developing fibroids.

The causes of fibroids are still unheard of. No exact causes of fibroids have come to light.  A lot of factors are blamed to be the cause of fibroids. These include birth control pills, not having balanced diet, stress, fatness etc. The development of fibroids is somewhat related with hormonal imbalance. Estrogen is responsible for increasing the size of fibroids. Greater the amount of estrogen produced, greater would be the increase in size of fibroids. Women start producing estrogen at menarche (first menstrual cycle) and keep on producing it till menopause (last menstrual cycle). So as long as women are menstruating, they will keep on producing estrogen and the size of fibroids keep on increasing, if any. It is also because of this reason that fibroids are not produced in women who have reached menopause. Menopause means an end to the production of estrogen and hence there are no chances of developing fibroids. In women who have reached menopause, any tumor is most likely to be malignant. So, great care should be taken if any such thing is reported in these women.

There are no specific symptoms of fibroids and each patient may have her very own symptoms. Some of the very common symptoms include heavy bleeding, fatigue, abdominal pain, pain in back, constipation etc. It is not necessary to have these symptoms in each and every patient that has fibroids. Depending upon the location and size of fibroids, some of these symptoms may be present while others may not.

Heavy and prolonged periods are supposed to cause a sufficient blood loss. This acute shortage of blood is called as anemia and the patient is said to be anemic. It causes fatigue, dizziness, headaches, chest pain etc. Anemia should be treated at right time so that no other problem may arise. In pregnant ladies, anemia should be treated with great care for the reason that it can put the life of baby and mother at stake.

The answer to the question “can fibroids burst” is no. Unlike cysts, fibroids are made up of elastic and glandular tissues. They are mostly very small and don’t pose any serious threat. So there are literally no chances of bursting fibroids. It is very rare to have these fibroids get complicated. Large size fibroids may become a source of nuisance and should be treated timely.

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